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Helloooo Barbara….

Posted in Barack Obama, Lamestream Media on December 18, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

“He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but the next messiah. – Barbara Walters

Lessons that to be learned from the scandals of the Obama Presidency and their trusty lapdog, MesSNBC

Posted in Barack Obama, Lamestream Media, MesSNBC on June 3, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Hopefully some lessons will come out of this presidency:

1. Make certain you know what and who you vote for – “not Bush” isn’t good enough.

2. Understand that entitlement money has to come from somewhere.

3. Understand that the Fed is very inefficient at spending money.

4. Understand that debt is eventually paid by someone –if not you then it will be your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I didn’t vote for him in either 2008 or 2012, but believe or not early on I did really hope that the first black president would be so much more than this president has been.

It needs to be pointed out in a big way that the administration’s biggest supporter, MSNBC is an embarrassment to the news media, and in an industry that long ago discarded any sense of honor or shame, that’s saying something.  It is a parody of what a news organization should be. Point of view reportage? Fine. Fox has it, as does every other 24 hour news network. But at least they present a balanced approach, giving air time to opposing views from serious opponents. Even Fox took Bush to the woodshed numerous times.

MSNBC is a failure because it has become a lapdog, not a watchdog, and a dog who will love its master regardless of how dishonest or immoral he is not a good guardian of assets but rather is only good as a house pet.

Comcast/NBC should either scrap the channel or sell it to Democratic National Committee where they can continue to be their Pravda.


The Obama Administration is like The Brady Bunch Episode # 37 Confessions, Confessions with SOME Differences

Posted in Adult Responsibility, Barack Obama, Fox News Channel, Insanity is a Liberal Disorder, Lamestream Media on May 22, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

I was thinking about how the Obama Administration is mired in the Benghazi, IRS, Associated Press and Fox News scandals and wondered if they could be made into a TV plot.  The closest I could come was this old Brady Bunch where Peter breaks Carol’s vase

Plot Synopsis from Wikipedia:

Peter fears he will be grounded and miss an upcoming camping trip after breaking Carol’s vase while playing ball in the house. All the kids conspire to cover what Peter has done, and assist in gluing the vase together. The damage nevertheless comes to light and all the kids, except Peter, confess. The parents realize what has happened and decree that Peter must decide the kids’ punishments, and take Peter shopping for a new lantern for his camping trip in hopes he will confess. Instead, Peter wants the lantern. His conscience finally catches up with him and he confesses, voluntarily decides not to go on the camping trip, and does all the chores he handed out to the others as punishment.

Updated Obama Administration Plot Synopsis:

Obama fears he will be impeached and miss an upcoming fundraiser being thrown by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel after breaking the law while playing around with the constitution in the White House.  All of his Toadies conspire to cover what Obama has done and assist in gluing some kind of horseshit story together.  The damage nevertheless comes to light and none of the Toadies including Obama confess.  Some of the Media Outlets (Fox News, Breitbart) realize what has happened and decree that Obama and the Toadies should be punished and take the Press Toadie Jay to task in hopes they will get the truth.  Instead Obama and the Toadies blame the Republicans for distracting the President.  Obama’s conscience never catches up with him, he doesn’t confess to a damn thing and voluntary decides to not only go to the fundraiser but take 10 days in Hawaii to play golf with Tiger Woods at $1000 an hour.

Brady Bunch


If Obama were White.. More goofy crap from Libs…

Posted in Barack Obama, Insanity is a Liberal Disorder, Lamestream Media on March 20, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Received this on my Facebook page this morning:


Okay, point by point:

He would have beat Mitt Romney by double digits. 

Barack Obama won a second term because of the dependent, ignorant, brainwashed and the low information voters whom came out in droves in comparison to conservatives whom stupidly thought there was no difference between the two.  Lots of voter fraud also helped his win.

His wife’s guest appearances on TV would be completely uncontroversial. 

Hey, remember Sarah Palin? Every time she showed up on CNNNBCCBSABC she was asked who was the REAL mother of Trig, why did she REALLY resign as Governor as well as a barrage of lame ass questions in an attempt to get her on a “gotcha” and then spread the shit all over, Facebook, Huffington Post and Twitter.  Michelle Obama is asked about her arms, the girls, whom the designer of the dress she is wearing and does her husband wear Boxer or Briefs to bed when she should be asked how much her last vacation cost, why does Bo the dog get his own limo and why she eats at Burger King while she scolds the rest of us for looking at McDonald’s fries.  

And everyone in Politics would be celebrating the “Obama Recovery”. 

This is just too absurd to comment on but I will anyway.  Apparently Obama was with the Choom gang when he was supposed to be in his Econ 101 class.  Okay, the economy does not recover when you take over 1/6 of the economy that now is costing almost twice what it was supposed to cost.  Second you don’t recover when you throw money into a stimulus that went down like a Lead Zeppelin and also at “Green Energy” companies’ (Hello Solyndra).  Third you do not recover when you tax business owners a rate of 39.5% (the highest in the world) and strangle them with mindless, bureaucratic business regulations that even the “Spock with a Beard” Universe could follow.

Obama won the White House because people were petrified to say anything bad about him for fear of being called a bigot or a racist.   The President bullshitted on the “Arab Spring” Egypt and Libya are now enemies.  You have a lapdog media that blows happy smoke on everything he does.  He gets passes on Fast and Furious, Benghazi  and dozens of other conspiracies that would have brought a President Romney or Bush down the road to impeachment.  If he were sacrifing puppies on the East Lawn of the White House to a pagan god, the MSM would say he was having a BBQ.

This picture is PURE Liberal/Progressive propaganda. 

Many thanks to “Being Liberal” for providing me the material for my blog again.

So, Libs WTF?

Posted in Lamestream Media, Liberal Hate, Liberal Progressive Brain Washing, Progressive Tool on March 12, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Tea Party Goals In a broad sense, the main goal of the Tea Party movement is to change the institution of the federal government to the effect that American’s freedoms are restored to the ideals of the founding fathers. These ideas include:

  • Low taxes
  • Dramatically smaller government with a much reduced role
  • Substantially less central government (Washington) and a preference for states rights
  • More individual freedom
  • Free market prosperity

This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  • American citizens must decide to elect out corrupt officials and replace them with individuals who value the input of the average citizen.
  • The government that governs best is one that governs least, and elected leaders must be made to understand that.
  • Those officials who remain in office should know that they will not remain if they vote against the will of the people.

Another objective of the Tea Parties is to educate Americans who don’t understand the price that’s been paid for freedom, and to mobilize them into civic action.

Why do you on the left think this is so awful that you send moles to Tea Party events so it looks like we are racists.

Why is it that after every mass shooting that involves the killing or injuring of innocents that it must have been a Tea Partier (Hello Brian Ross, Katie Couric, the now disgraced Keith Olbermann etc.).

Did Sarah Palin do something to the left that caused the most hateful bile in American History to be spewed from the Left?  What happened?

1)  Did she take the last Twinkie?

2)  Was Todd Palin supposed to be your date?

3)  Did someone in High School whom looked like Sarah Palin  give you the swirlie to end all swirlies and an Atomic Binder your Freshman Year?

Occupy Wall Street destroyed property, robbed, raped and pillaged like a swarm of locusts.  Please document anywhere at a Tea Party event where someone was hurt, property damaged and trash strewn around.  Links from Huff Po, Daily Kos and every other piece of left wing Propaganda crapola don’t count. 

Finally, I have a question for the MSM.  Today I read on that the MSM is covering up for the recent DROP in Obama’s popularity numbers.  This is one of literally hundreds of things you have covered up and swept under the rug.  La, la, la it does not exist.  You have covered up Benghazi, Fast and Furious what the real cost and the damage Obamacare will do next year once implemented.  Do you have any Ethics CNNNBCCBSABC, Cartoon Network, Current Al-Jazeera America, New York Times, etc.  Do you think keeping the masses in the dark and spreading bullshit is a good for them or is it what is necessary to keep the dream of a Communist Utopia alive?


Hey President Obama wasn’t Sequestration your idea? Hello, is anyone Home??? Bueller??

Posted in Barack Obama, Insanity is a Liberal Disorder, Lamestream Media, Sequestration on February 19, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Fox News

President Obama pinned the blame on Republicans Tuesday for looming spending cuts that may be triggered by what was originally a White House proposal — while a former leader of the president’s deficit commission said it’s Obama who’s on the path to a “failed presidency” if he can’t tackle the debt.

The president spoke Tuesday at the White House, urging Congress to come up with a short-term fix to cancel sweeping cuts to defense and other programs set to hit March 1.

 “These cuts are not smart. They are not fair. They will hurt our economy. They will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls,” Obama said. “This is not an abstraction — people will lose their jobs.”

And I bet the lamestream media took the talking point that it is the GOP’s fault and spread it all over like Cow manure.

Let’s Check:

Politico – No mention it was originally the O man’s idea.

NBC – Good Sycophant – No mention either

CBS – No mention either.  However, they have a post-up called:” Duchess Kate shows off growing baby bump in public appearance”.  WOW.  Newsworthy.

ABC – No mention; however it looks there is an original episode of “Ordinary Family” coming up.

CNN – No mention; they have a post called “2013 Oscars:  Cast Your Vote”.  Hey that is always important.

Well, in that the “sequester idea” was from the Obama Team, and the Republican led House created legislation, 2 bills, that would make the reductions in spending much more realistic – only a reduction in rate of increases – Obama and Reid totally own this state of panic.  Yes, “Obama built that”.

So to end this post a little libtard wisdom:

Here is an excerpt from a N.C. Newspaper editorial:

“The republicans are just trying to stand in the way, because the president is black. They dared to question whether he was born in this country. I think all this demonstrates that the Constitution needs to be amended when it comes to qualification for being president. Right now it says that a person has to be 35 years old and be a natural born citizen. Well, that is obviously unfair because there are a great many otherwise qualified people who cannot run for president because their mothers had to have a C-section. But because the constitution was written one hundred years ago, nobody even thought of the discrimination that would result from a doctor having to deliver a baby in this unnatural way.”

Signed “Proud to be a Democrat”

Be proud Dems you are bringing this country down through the septic tank.  Be very proud.


OMG Marco Rubio had a drink of water during his speech!!!!!

Posted in Insanity is a Liberal Disorder, Lamestream Media, Marco Rubio on February 14, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Nervousness comes from having a heart and loving your country and believing in all that your country is capable of.  No heart and no feeling results in no feelings and that person spoke just before Rubio.  Rubio may have gotten nervous trying to remember all 57 states that are in Obamas world.

When you are a republican or a conservative, you have to meet a lot of standards and pretty much walk on water and have lots of experience and be qualified for the position.  A liberal only has to hate America and all that it stands for and be willing to cater to all the misfits and do nothings and show up.  Oh and being able to read a speech that was written by someone else and be the only person that knows there are 57 states.

Grow up libs you are desperate, you have an aneurysm if a conservative has a drink of water and will gladly look the other way if President Obama were sacrificing puppies to a pagan altar on the East Lawn of the White House.

That of course would be the Obamas having a barbecue…


Fox News Channel still won’t join the drooling Media Masses and Hail Obama as King…

Posted in Barack Obama, Fox News Channel, Lamestream Media on January 29, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

Fox News/Kirsten Powers

In a recent interview with The New Republic, President Obama was back to his grousing about the one television news outlet in America that won’t fall in line and treat him as emperor. Discussing breaking Washington’s partisan gridlock, the president told TNR,”If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News…for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it.”

Alas, the president loves to whine about the media meanies at Fox News. To him, these are not people trying to do their jobs. No, they are out to get him. What other motive could a journalist have in holding a president accountable? Why oh why do Ed Henry and Chris Wallace insist on asking hard questions? Make them stop!

Barack Obama shows on almost a daily basis that he is little more than a political operative who got elected President by masquerading as a centrist and reelected by repeatedly calling Mitt Romney an insensitive rich guy. No President in the last 50 years has attended nearly as many fund raisers, spent more time on the campaign trail, paid off more financial supporters with government jobs, fired more personal insults at those with whom he disagrees or given more non-substantive interviews. As time passes it will become evident even to the disinterested that Obama is at best a superficial thinker and anything but a leader.

There is so much more but the MSM will not tell you or challenge him, nor will the likes of MSNBC or ABC, or NBC or now they have a new Left wing boss CNN. America needs Fox, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity and O’Reilly, but it also needs to listen and to challenge the Administration.

You want drool, fawning and God like Worship of President Obama then CNN, MesSNBC, CBS and ABC are waiting for you with open arms.  If you want a News Organization that asks the hard questions and has no problem mussing up the Anointed One’s hair or make the President cough between cigarette drags; Fox News, Breitbart and El Rushbo will  gladly set you up.


Uh, no. Newsweek commits Blasphemy of the highest order…

Posted in Barack Obama, Hell, Jesus Christ, Lamestream Media on January 22, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt


Matthew 24:23-27 (NIV)

23 At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. 24 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you ahead of time.

 26 “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Do the media realize how counterproductive this is??  For many people, putting Obama even on the same universe as Jesus makes people dislike him even more.  The Media Lapdogs CNN, NBC (MSNBC), ABC, etc., need to focus on reality and cut this stuff out.

The media and its idol worship of this man are totally out of order. The media now wants a new country with a new king.

Newsweek knew that there would be a churn when stating this was the Second coming and maybe it’s to relate to him acting more like a third rate dictator than a President of a Republic. But, there is going to be only one second coming and he, Barack Hussein Obama, is not it! 

What this is is the second coming of bad news, big government, high unemployment the “New” normal, Trillion dollar a year increases to the national debt..

If Barack Obama is the second coming – then find me the entrance ramp and I will take the Highway to Hell…


Hey Rache, what’s up? Keeping the GOP is evil rhetoric up I see….

Posted in Dimmocrats, GOP, Lamestream Media, MesSNBC, Rachel Maddow on January 18, 2013 by Ferrell Gummitt

The GOP is looking to proportion electoral votes in a couple of states.  In Rachel Maddow’s eye this is conservative evil of the worst kind.

The jest of Ms.  Maddow’s Blog post is this:

It’s reassuring to see other major media outlets pick up on the significance of the story.

 After back-to-back presidential losses, Republicans in key states want to change the rules to make it easier for them to win.

 From Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, GOP officials who control legislatures in states that supported President Barack Obama are considering changing state laws that give the winner of a state’s popular vote all of its Electoral College votes, too. Instead, these officials want Electoral College votes to be divided proportionally, a move that could transform the way the country elects its president.

 In this case, “transform” is a polite euphemism for “stack the deck in Republicans’ favor.”

First of all Rachel WTF have you and Dems have to worry about?  You keep telling us how much your party crushed the Dems in the last Presidential election.  Something like proportioning out the electoral votes should not be something to care about.  In your mind and the Dems you will kick out our collective testicles out in 2016 no matter how the Electoral College is done.  The Democratic Party is just that awesome in the eyes of America right?

Second the states of Maine and Nebraska already have proportional electoral votes already; laws that were originally proposed by Democrats.


Only two states, Nebraska and Maine, do not follow the winner-takes-all rule. In those states, there could be a split of Electoral votes among candidates through the state’s system for proportional allocation of votes. For example, Maine has four Electoral votes and two Congressional districts. It awards one Electoral vote per Congressional district and two by the state-wide, “at-large” vote. It is possible for Candidate A to win the first district and receive one Electoral vote, Candidate B to win the second district and receive one Electoral vote, and Candidate C, who finished a close second in both the first and second districts, to win the two at-large Electoral votes. Although this is a possible scenario, it has not actually happened.

So what is the difference between this and what Maine and Nebraska are already doing? 

Try to think about it while you are spreading your anti-conservative propaganda there at MesSNBC…



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