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America’s Thatcher Considering Presidential Run

Posted in 2012 Elections, Allen West, GOP, Michele Bachmann with tags , , , , , , on May 17, 2011 by Ferrell Gummitt

Michelle Bachmann Planning Run for President?

To quote C. Montgomery Burns “EXCELLENT”!


America's Margaret Thatcher

Get ready, Republicans.

Hurricane Michelle is heading toward your primaries.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite and something of a surrogate for Sarah Palin, is getting ready to jump into the presidential contest. Her advisers put out the word on Monday that a run was “very likely” and a D.C.-based consultant tells Power Play that Bachmann associates have been shopping for services. “This is now beyond speculation. They are doing this,” the consultant said.

While Bachmann is a polarizing figure in the party, her candidacy is quite logical. With Mike Huckabee bowing out of the race, Palin showing no outward signs of launching a campaign and Newt Gingrich seeming to burn up on entry into the race, that leaves former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum with an almost unobstructed view of the social conservative voters who dominate Iowa’s caucuses. Bachmann’s candidacy is also helped by the fact that Donald Trump has renewed his contract with NBC and ended the most successful publicity stunt of his career. His appeal had been based on blunt, pungent attacks on President Obama, stock in trade for Bachmann. Plus, she gets similar attention from establishment media outlets that like to bring her on for bearbaiting sessions and then mock her afterwards.

Maybe the only person to turn America around would be a very smart woman..

Now, if we could only convince Allen West to run, this would be an excellent GOP field and would most assuredly get the Republicans back in the White House.

Advice for Two of the GOP Presidential Candidates

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Short and Sweet.

Donald Trump:  If you do not get the GOP nod to run for President then withdraw completely.  Please, Please, Please don’t go Ross Perot on us and run as an Independent.  Votes for third party candidates take away votes from the GOP.  I know you have more money than God and you do not need contributions but I beg if you lose, please go quietly into the night.

Newt Gingrich:  Withdraw right now.  You have two affairs under your belt.  The Daily Kooks and Huffington Posts of the world are going to have a field day if not field months with this. Unless you have a truly excellent way to explain this away (and I bet you don’t), then withdraw.  It’s the 800 ton Gorilla in the room and all the Gorilla is going to do at this point is eat and take a dump.


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