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Why I Proudly Endorse Herman Cain for President

Posted in 2012 Elections, Herman Cain with tags , , , , , , , on September 30, 2011 by Ferrell Gummitt

I like Herman Cain because he is NOT another politician. I like Herman Cain because he is not a high IQ intellectual like Biden. (Just ask him)  I like Herman Cain because he is a business man. I am tired of lawyers and professional politicians running the country into the ground. We don’t need globally smart connected prima donnas. WE NEED SOMEONE TO LEGISLATE FOR THE BLUE COLLAR GUY AND GAL WHO MAKE THIS COUNTRY WHAT IT IS. I am sick and tired of seeing this country pander to the world while the world shovels excrement on us. We can protect ourselves here at home. Bring our troops home gracefully and with honor and let the rest of the global turds deal with life on their own.

The people elected dumb and dumber in 2008.  The progressives are now being exposed for the race baiters that they are.  The election of Herman Cain would give African Americans a true role model to emulate, one who would espouse and embodies real hope and change.

The fact that Herman Cain who grew up in the deep south, the son of two “cleaning/janitor” parents, went to an all black college, fought his way up the ladder, experienced racism, overcame it, achieved success at almost every turn in his life, and STILL turned out to be a very conservative man, shows that he is of the staunchest moral character. I would trust him, I would vote for him, and if he gets the R nomination, I WILL vote for him.

He is the only one who owes no one anything. He owes no favors. I’m not saying that he never had any help in his career, we all get a boost once in a while, but he earned his stripes. I really like this guy. He is the only man I would actually enjoy having into my house for dinner.

Most of all I want to see Herman Cain v. Barack Obama debate to the finish.

Celebrity Moonbats You Can REALLY Believe In: Roseanne Barr-Pentland-Arnold-Thomas-Barr Wants to Run for President – Sarah Palin is her Inspiration

Posted in 2012 Elections, Hollywood Uber Left Moonbat, Roseanne Barr with tags , , , , , , , on August 5, 2011 by Ferrell Gummitt

From Hot

Looks like somebody is jealous. Former sitcom star Roseanne Barr, who has never betrayed any political ambition beyond supporting President Barack Obama, now sarcastically says she wants to run for president — and cites former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as her inspiration:

“That’s kind of what got me to thinking that I too should run for president if she can,” Barr told host Jay Leno [last night on "The Tonight Show"]. “I wanted to edge her out because I feel like she’s stealing my act anyway.”

Barr said Palin, who is flirting with a White House bid, was also her motivation for appearing in a reality show. Her Lifetime show “Roseanne’s Nuts,” premiered a few weeks ago and follows the former sitcom star running a Hawaiian nut farm.

Barr, a former supporter of President Barack Obama, claimed she is “totally serious” about a bid and said she will run as a candidate from the Green Tea Party. No taxes, the forgiveness of student loans and all debts and the use of vegetables instead of money will be the cornerstones of her campaign, she said.

Babe, you got a deal, you can Run for President with my blessing.

One stipulation, if you lose or the more certain event that a Republican is voted in you have to move to North Korea and take these fellow Celebrity Moonbats with you:

Tom Hanks

Alec Baldwin

Sean Penn

Susan Sarandon

Tim Robbins – Maybe he and Susan can get hooked back up again!!

Barbra Streisand

Matt Damon

Wanda Sykes

Edward Asner

John Cusack

Woody Allen

Danny Glover

Jack Black

Rosie O’Donnell

You all can board the bus with the Big Red Star on it.


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