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Dems throw in Faux Tea-Party Candidate and win Election…

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Burt Prelutsky

Jack Davis Latter Day Ross Perot

Democrats have been celebrating non-stop the fact that Kathy Hochul won the special congressional election in upper state New York. They claim it’s a vindication of their left-wing agenda. What they don’t publicize is the inconvenient truth that while Hochul garnered 47% of the vote to Jane Corwin’s 43%, her margin of victory, 4,694 votes, would have vanished if 9,495 people in the district hadn’t been conned into voting for a jackass named Jack Davis.

Davis, who, in spite of having repeatedly run and lost as a Democrat in prior elections, this time around claimed to be the Tea Party candidate. The fact that this liberal in sheep’s clothing managed to pull off such a dopey scam, in spite of being denounced as a fraud by the Tea Party, points out the weakness inherent in democracy; namely, that all sorts of morons get to vote.

 In other words after trying to discredit, maim, cajole, slander and bully the Tea Party – the Dems threw a “Trojan Horse” into this campaign as a Tea Party candidate.  He was able to draw enough votes ala Ross Perot away from the GOP candidate where the Dem candidate won with 47% of the vote. 

All Kathy Hochul said was that she would not vote to cut Medicare – the voters didn’t care about anything EXCEPT if there medical benefits were cut and Ms Hochul won.

Advice for Two of the GOP Presidential Candidates

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Short and Sweet.

Donald Trump:  If you do not get the GOP nod to run for President then withdraw completely.  Please, Please, Please don’t go Ross Perot on us and run as an Independent.  Votes for third party candidates take away votes from the GOP.  I know you have more money than God and you do not need contributions but I beg if you lose, please go quietly into the night.

Newt Gingrich:  Withdraw right now.  You have two affairs under your belt.  The Daily Kooks and Huffington Posts of the world are going to have a field day if not field months with this. Unless you have a truly excellent way to explain this away (and I bet you don’t), then withdraw.  It’s the 800 ton Gorilla in the room and all the Gorilla is going to do at this point is eat and take a dump.


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