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Obama Couldn’t Run a Lemonade Stand because he has no idea how to run a Business let alone a Country

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Obama Couldn’t Run a Lemonade Stand

Ted Nugent Washington Times

The Obama administration has mindlessly flooded the country with hundreds and hundreds of billions of federal tax dollars. The government gurus claim the reason for opening the federal-money floodgates was to jump-start the sluggish economy, which was strangled to begin with by Fedzilla’s housing policies – or lack thereof.

Just as you would not pour gas on a fire in hopes of putting it out, infusing more than a trillion taxpayer dollars into the economy has not and will not work to put the economy on the path to prosperity. An artificial economy cannot be repaired with more artificiality. Who doesn’t know this?

President Obama’s economic and social engineering has been a flop, a disaster. The economy continues to sputter, gag and hemorrhage; unemployment and underemployment are getting worse, not better; housing prices continue to plummet; the dollar’s value is shrinking; and our debt is suffocating any hopes of a long-term economic recovery. Keep the Titanic on course, captain.

Dumping more than a trillion dollars into the market and claiming to want to stimulate the nation’s economy is analogous to intentionally allowing the Missouri River to flood towns and cities because the streets need cleaning.

Either the Obama administration does not know its history or it intentionally wants to kill off the nation’s private sector. It might be a little of both.

The Obama regime may be the least qualified when it comes to understanding how a free market operates, how jobs are created and how profits are made. I have yet to uncover any high-ranking Obama appointee with any free-market experience, including the secretary for the Department of Labor, which should be renamed under the Obama regime as the Department of Labor Unions.

The bottom line is that we have entrusted our economy to a group of people who would not know how to operate a child’s lemonade stand. What an inexcusable, tragic mistake.

We faced a similar economic problem back in the early 1980s. After soundly defeating President Carter, Ronald Reagan, a fan of the free market, took the opposite approach of what Mr. Obama is doing to turn the economy around.

What happened because of President Reagan‘s approach of lowering taxes, reducing federal regulations and favoring the private sector over Fedzilla? Almost 40 million private-sector jobs were created and America experienced a 25-year economic boom.

What America needs is a vibrant, growing and strong economy that benefits everyone, especially the shrinking middle class. This will not happen with a guy in charge who believes Fedzilla knows best. It does not.

There has been no net increase in jobs created as a result of swamping the economy with federal dollars, and there will be none. When the free-market history books are written, this will be the central theme of surrendering the economy to central planners in Washington who have zero private-sector experience.

The Obama regime has given America a crystal-clear message that liberalism in big government is an economic wrecking ball. What America desperately needs is a much leaner, less bureaucratic federal government – the very kind of federal government our framers had in mind when they started this experiment in self-government more than 230 years ago.

Got the message, GOP? Can you deliver it?

Ted:  I certainly hope so.  This country’s future TOTALLY depends on it.

WAAAAHHHH!!! Sarah Palin isn’t Talking to us, “WE’LL GET THAT B****!!!”

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MesSNBC has their undies bunched up because Sarah Palin won’t talk to them on her bus tour of America.  She will only talk to Greta VanSustren at FoxNews.

From NewsBusters:

Andrea Mitchell:

On her Friday 1 p.m. ET MSNBC show, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell characterized Sarah Palin participating in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington as a “distraction,” with the headline on-screen wondering if the former Alaska Governor was “stealing their thunder.”

After declaring that Palin was “once again showing that she sure knows how to seize the political spotlight,” Mitchell spoke with Rolling Thunder spokesman Ted Shpak, and asked: “When did you first hear that Sarah Palin was coming? Did you invite her?” Shpak incorrectly claimed: “No, she wasn’t invited. We heard yesterday she came out with a press release that she was coming to Rolling Thunder.”

And the always delicate, sensitive Martin Bashir:

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir on May 31 insisted that Sarah Palin’s bus tour amounts to a “breach of a federal law.”

Anchoring his eponymous program, Bashir scolded, “In fact, the whole thing could be in breach of a federal law because the United States Flag Code establishes important rules for the use and

In his accusatory “Clear the Air” segment, the former ABC Nightline anchor lectured Palin that “standards of respect and etiquette” discourage using the American flag for “any advertising purpose whatsoever.”

“She drapes herself in the stars and stripes and makes millions of dollars in the process,” chided Bashir. “This has got nothing to do with the presidency and everything to do with filling her pockets.”

The only problem: the Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that flag burning is protected by the First Amendment. If flag burning is protected speech, certainly displaying the flag on a tour bus is legal. Or do the rules not apply to Sarah Palin? In Bashir’s warped sense of reality, conservatives like Palin would be arrested for flying the American flag at rallies in which they promote causes that Bashir does not support.

Let’s see here. Wasn’t invited to the party?  Not hanging the flag right?  What else? Air pressure in tires didn’t conform to National Standards?  Should have used the salad fork instead of the dinner fork?

So is Andrea Mitchell jealous of Palin looking so fine on the back of a Harley. She only wishes she had the style of Palin but, that is unrealistic, as Mitchell is twice Palin’s age.

As for Martin Batshit and his liberal buddies, why are they suddenly worried about the flag? Ted Nugent needs to go back and educate this loser again.

NBC, ABC, CBS, they all have the same agenda that is to carry Obama’s water and get him re-elected. Good luck, with that. In 2012, they’ll all be unemployed.

Ted Nugent puts Larry King’s Replacement on a Spit and has him for Dinner

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Piers Morgan interviewed Ted on 5/19/2011 the result is utter hilarity as to how long Nugent smacks down Morgan.  I ALMOST feel sorry for Piers Morgan – stressing almost.  I wonder if he fired a producer or two after the interview for booking Terrible Ted in the first place.

Or at least brought in a few more viewers than the 5 or 6 he has now.

Piers:  Stick to interviewing the Khadishians, they are little more your speed.

Ted:  Please go on Keith Olbermann’s program on Current TV and rip him to shreds.  I will pay anything to see that.   PLEEEEEASE!!!

Transcript from Free

MORGAN: For a man who is a — who is a patriot, who purports to love his country, that was quite shocking disrespect to your president.

NUGENT: Well, let me put it in official CNN Piers Morgan interview terms, shall I? My limey friend…Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead. Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones; we’re going to beat you. We’re going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun. You can take it whichever you –

MORGAN: Much as I’d love to suck on your machine gun, the whole point — the whole point of your defense is that a lot of people do drop dead precisely because you are armed to the teeth. And you’d like everybody else to be.

NUGENT: Not true at all. Not true at all.

MORGAN: Eighty people –

NUGENT: Piers, write this down –

MORGAN: You write this down. Eighty people a day die in America from gunshots.

NUGENT: And 75 of them to 78 of them — statistics by the Uniform Crime Report by the FBI and the U.N. study on violent crime — 78 of those 80 are let out of their cages by corrupt judges and prosecutors who know the recidivism is out of control, know that they’ll commit the crimes again, and they let them walk through plea bargaining, early release, and programs.

Kiss my ass. Where you have the most armed citizens in America, you have the lowest violent crime rate. Where you have the worst gun control, you have the highest crime rate.

Piers choose one. Do you want a lot of crime? We have it. Gun-free zones. You want less crime? We have that. More people with concealed weapons permit. Why do you guys resist that statistic?

MORGAN: Well, don’t say you guys.

NUGENT: You guys. Well, unless you’re playing the devil’s advocate.

MORGAN: I can play any advocate I like. It’s my show.

NUGENT: You’re doing a good job. You’re playing the idiot’s advocate here. More guns equals less crime. Period.

MORGAN: Unless I’m wrong — and I don’t want to kiss your ass –

NUGENT: And I’ll be sure to let you know.

MORGAN: — at this point, if you don’t mind. Unless I’m wrong with your argument — well, you’re basically saying that, you know, 90 percent of the gun crime comes from people that –

NUGENT: It’s 96 percent but go ahead.

MORGAN: But they still have to get access to firearms. If you had your way, there would be 10 times as many firearms, right?

NUGENT: Not true at all.

MORGAN: You want everyone in America to own a gun?

NUGENT: Not at all. I’ve never said that. And I got to tell you –

MORGAN: What is your position?

NUGENT: — and I hope you don’t edit this out. Whenever I’ve done interviews with guys that are inclined to be anti-gun, they always go, well, Nugent, you want everyone to have a machine gun. Nugent wants all the deer dead.

MORGAN: What does Nugent want?

NUGENT: Not even close.

MORGAN: What do you want?

NUGENT: What I want is the Second Amendment. We the people, free individuals to have the right to keep and bear arms for self- defense. Find fault with that.

MORGAN: Well, I could find lots of fault with it.

NUGENT: Name one.

MORGAN: Well, the reality is you end up with what happened to Gabby Giffords in Tucson.

NUGENT: That guy had gone through the cracks of the mental health system. That guy had –

MORGAN: How could he be allowed to get a gun?

NUGENT: Because he fell through the cracks, and he didn’t — he didn’t qualify to get a gun.

MORGAN: He fell through the cracks.

NUGENT: The cracks of the mental health system. Everybody knew — all his friends, his family were afraid of this guy, but they didn’t report it. Nobody — nobody reacted to it.

MORGAN: When you see a guy like that get open access to firearms because the Constitution that you subscribe — adhere to so much –

NUGENT: How would you fix that?

MORGAN: Well, I would certainly make it a lot harder for people like him to ever get near a firearm. And that’s my argument with the gun lobbying is that it’s always very, very aggressive. And even as you’ve just exploded with me, it’s always a violent debate. And it’s always like, [Yelling] “I want the right to shoot anyone that comes near me who threatens me!”

It’s always about that. This guy was unstable but was able to go and get a firearm because they are freely available in this country. And that’s where I have a problem with it.

NUGENT: Were you born in England?

MORGAN: I was born in England.

NUGENT: Are you familiar with Ireland?


NUGENT: Is Molotov cocktails and C4 explosives — those legal in Belfast?

MORGAN: They’re terrorists.

NUGENT: Are those — is that — are those items legal in Belfast?

MORGAN: Well, I don’t live in Belfast.

NUGENT: Well, then I’ll go ahead and educate you. They’re banned in Belfast. They’re forbidden in Belfast. Do you think anybody had a hard time getting them? If you want something — how about in New York City it would take me 15 minutes for me to get a submachine gun in New York City from some paroled crack dealer.

MORGAN: Let me spin the argument. Would you agree drugs then to be freely available?

NUGENT: Not at all.

MORGAN: What’s the difference in the argument?

NUGENT: Because drugs are 100 percent about reducing your level of responsibility, getting high, disconnecting, and I’m a cop. I’ve been a cop for 35 years. I conduct federal raids with the heroes of law enforcement in Texas. In every instance where there is violence, somebody’s high on something, but they’re not always in possession of a firearm. They do it with Buicks and bricks and fire and chainsaws and –

MORGAN: The guy who shot Gabby Giffords wasn’t high. That wasn’t a factor.

NUGENT: No, but he was mentally deranged.

MORGAN: My point about the threat of your argument is you’re saying — there’s a difference isn’t there, between — you’re saying guns should be made freely available, right?

NUGENT: No, no, there should be restrictions.

MORGAN: Because if you — let me ask — let me put something to you. Do you think this is wrong, tell me. They should be made available with some restrictions, but not many, from the gun lobby arguments I’ve read –

NUGENT: Which –

MORGAN: — and then actually the reason is if you made them illegal, they would all be freely available anyway. But with drugs, you say do not make them freely available, make them illegal. Even though you know and I know that drives them underground and probably more people get –

NUGENT: Piers, Piers, I don’t know why you guys either don’t study the information or you just resist it. I think you’re resisting it. In America, where you have more citizens with guns on their person, you have a dramatic reduction in violent crime.

In those areas called gun-free zones, you have a outrageous increase in the loss of innocent lives. That’s the choice. Which one would you make? And in America, legally owned guns are used millions of times a year to save innocent lives. You certainly don’t believe in calling 911 to stop evil in your home, do you?

In case you were interested in the non-gun arguments, here’s a bit of the welfare argument:

MORGAN: My issue about you and the welfare thing is it showed — to me it showed no sense of compassion for people who have genuine problems. Who genuinely need it.

NUGENT: Well, you see –

MORGAN: Your judgment, if you don’t mind me saying, is all encompassing. All sweeping. You think they’re all on the fiddle. [On the fiddle???]

NUGENT: No, I don’t.

MORGAN: They’re all –

NUGENT: No, I don’t. But I don’t think, I know, and the statistics support — once again my sharing with you the statistics, that the abuse, the corruption in that system, is not about helping someone who through no fault of their own fell on hard times, but widespread abuse.

Here’s a bit of the draft-dodger talk:

MORGAN: Well, you’re very — you’re very, very pro the troops. I get that. But you yourself, I mean, you dodged the draft.

NUGENT: No. Now, see, I’m glad we’re here on the Piers Morgan show to set that straight for the 10 million –


MORGAN: Set the record straight.

NUGENT: No, did I not dodge the draft. I was 17, and I was a clueless idiot, which most 17s qualify. I bet you were –


MORGAN: I was quite suave.

NUGENT: Being that as it may, no, I was enrolled in Oakland Community College. And I had a one-wide deferment. Did I register — I registered. Did I volunteer? No. Should I have? Yes.

MORGAN: Do you regret that?

NUGENT: You know, I do regret it on one level. On the most important, fundamental level, is that I have a duty to earn these experiments in we the people self-government. And I’ve spent my time and I’ve intentionally put myself in harm’s way going over to Iraq and Afghanistan, right into hell zones of unnamed trenches in Afghanistan danger zones, I do –

MORGAN: Is part of that a guilt thing on your part?

NUGENT: No, not a guilt thing. It was just the right thing to do. At some point, you know, let’s pretend I was a heroin addict when I was 17. Would you bring that up if I’d been clean and sober for 50 years?

MORGAN: Probably, yes.

NUGENT: You’re such a bastard. (LAUGHTER)

Finally, the “homophobia” segment:

MORGAN: Kobe Bryant was fined 100,000 dollars for using a gay slur during a Lakers’ game. And Ted, you wrote a piece after and I’m going to read what you said here. You said that homosexuals are the most protected class of people in America. And you said, and I quote, “The NBA should hold homosexual night during halftime and homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands, prance around the court to music by The Village People.” You also said that homosexuality was morally wrong.

NUGENT: Do you have a problem with that?


NUGENT: That’s like Clapton trap. No, let’s put it this way. If you’re gay, have a nice day. I could give a rat’s ass. I don’t –

MORGAN: Are you homophobic?

NUGENT: Not at all, no.

MORGAN: Would you be happy if one of your –

NUGENT: I’m heterophiliac.

MORGAN: What’s a heterophiliac?

NUGENT: It means I’m hopelessly addicted to women — woman.

MORGAN: Right. If one of your children came up and says, Dad, I’m gay. How would you react to that?

NUGENT: I’d say, get the gun, let’s go kill a deer. Inconsequential.

MORGAN: You wouldn’t mind morally?

NUGENT: Not at all. I am repulsed at the concept of man-on-man sex. I think it’s against nature. I think it’s strange as hell. But if that’s what you are, I love you.

MORGAN: But do you believe it’s morally wrong? You have suggested that before.

NUGENT: You know, I’m not going to judge another’s morals.

MORGAN: You judge people all the time.

NUGENT: Yes, sometimes you have to. I have to judge my bass player, and that’s why I’ve got the greatest bass player in the world. No. I say live and let live. Like I said gay? Go nuts. Martians? Cool. I really don’t care.

Suggested Guest for the Upcoming White House Poetry Slam

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Dear Mr. President and Michelle Obama:

Since you have the Rapper “Commoncoming to your poetry slam because of his artistic abilities other than writing and performing songs that glorify cop killers, why not have Ted Nugent read some of his poetry.  Excellent example:  The song “Stranglehold”:

Here I come again now baby
like a dog in heat
Tell it’s me by the clamor now baby
I like to tear up the street
And I been smokin for so long
ya know I’m here to stay
Got you in a stranglehold baby
you best get outta the way

The road I cruise is a bitch now baby
no you can’t turn me ’round
And if a house gets in my way baby
ya know I’m burnin’ it down
You ran the night that you left me
you put me in my place
I got you in a stranglehold baby
I’m gonna crush your face


Sometimes you wanna start higher
and sometimes you gotta start low
Some people think they gonna die someday
I got news ya never got to go

c`mon c`mon up (4 times)

c`mon c`mon c`mon c`mon baby
c`mon c`mon c`mon c`mon up
c`mon c`mon c`mon c`mon baby
c`mon c`mon c`mon

The road I cruise is a bitch now
ya know ya can’t turn me ’round
And if a house gets in my way
ya know I’m burnin’ it down
You ran the night that you left me
you put me in my place
I got you in a stranglehold baby
I’m gonna crush your face

BONUS:  Did you know that Ted Nugent also has opinions on Gun Control, Hunting, Big Government and Health Care?  There might some slight disagreement among you but, who knows you guys might become fast friends after you get to know each other.  I would think Ted would jump at the offer to come by and visit the White House.  Ted might give you an autographed guitar and some fresh Venison.


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