Bands that sucked when I was in High School but 32 years after I graduated from High School not so much sucking – RUSH

 I graduated from high school in 1979.

One of bigger rock bands of the time was the Canadian trio Rush; Alex Liefson, Geddy Lee and Neal Peart. I associated them with classmates who read Tolkien as gospel continuously ate, drank and sleep “Dungeons and Dragons”, drove around in Puke Green AMC Hornets and worked in the Audio Visual Department.

I found their music pretentious almost to the point of “Yes” pretention and Geddy Lee’s vocals just went right through me. Worst of all they did concept albums like “A Farewell to Kings”, “2112” and “Hemispheres”. I hate concept albums because the artist is always cramming music and lyrics into the album to fit the CONCEPT. Think Styx and their 1983 album “Kilroy Was Here” and you get the idea.

Okay, so 32 years later with the help of ITunes, I thought I would give Rush another try. I did 1 minute, 30 second listens of songs from “2112”, “A Farewell of Kings”, “Power Windows” and finally their 2007 release “Snakes and Arrows”. After listening to “2112”, “A Farewell to Kings” and “Power Windows” I can safely say sorry I can’t stomach laser sound effects, Neil Peart’s tin drum playing and Geddy Lee ridiculous almost cartoonish falsetto.

I listened to “Snakes and Arrows” and I kind of liked it. Neil Peart actually plays a mean set of drums, the songs are more melodic. I liked “Far Cry”, “Workin’ Them Angels” and the instrumentals “The Main Monkey Business” and “Hope”. I downloaded “Far Cry” and “Hope” onto my IPod.

So congrats guys you finally won me over. This doesn’t mean I am going to find a “2112” tour retro T-Shirt on EBay and buy it. Liking your music doesn’t make me a super fan. Sorry guys.


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