ABC Religion Correspondent “Bin Laden Not Evil”

From Newsbusters.

According to the man ABC News relies on for religious analysis, it’s impossible to say whether Osama bin Laden was “evil.” Father Edward Beck, the network’s religion correspondent, appeared with Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday and offered moral equivalence on the subject of the terrorist’s death.    

When the O’Reilly Factor anchor pressed Beck on whether bin Laden truly represented malevolence, Beck replied, “That’s not for me to judge. His actions were certainly were evil.”   
O’Reilly pressed Beck on this point, prompting the ABC News analyst to assert, “No, I think that’s up to God to ultimately decide who’s evil.” 

After asserting that the United States shouldn’t celebrate bin Laden’s death “like a Super Bowl,” Beck compared American happiness over the terrorist’s death to Middle East examples, such as celebrating on 9/11: “Yes, but when you watch these people celebrating, how does it make us any better than those in the Mid East who celebrate when America falls?”

(This prompted Bernie Goldberg, who appeared in an unrelated O’Reilly Factor segment, to interject about Beck. He derided, “The idea that… the Palestinians celebrated when they attacked the World Trade Center, we’re just as bad if we celebrate when Osama bin Laden takes a bullet to the head. That’s pathetic. That’s pathetic. I mean, and that isn’t Catholicism, that’s liberalism.”)

Beck, in his role as the religion correspondent, has appeared on Good Morning America and other ABC News programs. He has co-hosted Faith Matters Now, a web-only program for the network’s religion section. This is the man ABC looks to on spiritual issues? Someone who won’t even go so far as to declare bin Laden to be an evil man?

Father, with all due respect Evil and Good is not a Gray Area, It is Black and White, you are either good or evil.  Osama Bin Laden used a twisted style of Islam to carry out the deaths of thousands people around the world.  Certainly, you learned something to that affect when you were in Seminary.

Dust off the bible you have on your desk and have a look.


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