Herman Cain just went to my top 5 list for GOP nod…

Views from the GOP debate last night.

Herman Cain had the best night of the 5 contenders. Instead of being well prepared he on the other hand seemed completely genuine in his answers and beliefs. He was well spoken, charismatic, and very genuine. Herman Cain just might be the one to watch. He is a man everyone can identify with. His focus on the economy should be able to unite both social and fiscal conservatives.

From Guy Benson at Townhall.com:

The man who may have helped himself the most tonight was Herman Cain. The audience adored him, and he won several loud ovations for his straight-talking, no-nonsense answers. Frank Luntz‘s focus group on Fox sounded even more impressed. While he’ll have to do much more prep work on policy specifics for future debates, his tone, charisma, and outsider status made him a hit. In short, for many viewers, this was their first encounter with Herman Cain — and he made a good first impression.

Also, Herman Cain founded Godfather’s Pizza….

Donald Trump dropped the ball when he had to drop F bombs to an audience is Las Vegas.

Mitt Romney I am starting to lose faith on as well. As far as looks of a President, hey, he is straight out of central casting. But to me he is starting to more and more RINO type of characteristics.

Ron Paul is just out there, I don’t know where exactly, just out there.

Tim Pawlenty I really want to believe in. Still need to look at his stand on the issues and what he did as Governor of Minnesota.

We need someone with strong leadership skills and from the business side of things knows how to run a business. Barack Obama never has had any of those things – He’s a community organizer from Chicago whom Oprah supported and got him the connections needed in Hollywood to get the nomination.

Finally, I would be willing to bet that Herman Cain will gladly provide his birth certificate as well as his college records and papers upon request.


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