Smart Cars and Sally Field

To take a quote from Wyatt Earp at Support Your Local Gunfighter (it’s on my Blogroll if you want to check it out), “I am a hits whore”.

Taking a look at my web statistics, the two things that looked at the most on this blog are:

Smart Car – 90 Hits

Sally Field – 57 Hits

So, I will try and incorporate the two into this post and hopefully my blog hits will start piling up.

Smart Car – A cartoonish (Think Speed Racer) compact car where I dream about a long line of them getting crushed by a Ford F150.

Sally Field – Very good actress, Oscar winner and even in her 60’s she still very nice to look at. I have seen in “the Flying Nun”,” Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2”, “Absence of Malice”, “Places in the Heart” “Where the Heart Is”, “Gidget” and finally “Brothers and Sisters” – which was cancelled by ABC a couple of days ago.

If we do “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” on her:

Sally Field was the star of “Gidget” to

Richard Dreyfuss who played her boyfriend in an episode of”Gidget” to

Bill Murray who was in “What About Bob?” as Richard Dreyfuss’s patient to

Kevin Bacon who was in “Wild Things” with Bill Murray.

Wow Four Degrees, not bad Sally.

Or we can speculate that maybe Sally Field drives a Smart Car and we can connect this whole post from there.


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