Daily Kooks Bring a Great Laugh of the Day

Someone named Stranded Wind at Daily Clueless claims that “WeinerGate” was put together by the evil right wing journalists to protect Clarence Thomas.

This is just too damn funny.

Thanks Stranded Wind and Daily Kos I needed a good laugh today.

Partial from the post is below.  You can read the whole post here.

From Ace of Spades and Daily Journalism.com

Bringing Breitbart (And Thomas) To Justice (MOAR)

As the situation becomes more clear the need for accountability becomes equally clear.

  Congressman Anthony Weiner was stalked, set up, smeared, and this was coordinated to protect Clarence Thomas from scrutiny.

    This is another ACORN, another Shirley Sherrod, another NPR ‘sting’. They pick a target, they lie and deceive until they have something a credulous corporate media will swallow, and then another career is ruined or another community resource is destroyed.

   Only this time Breitbart’s continuing criminal enterprise has encountered something they did not expect …

   Unlike ACORN, which happened at specific locations, Weinergate was ginned up in cyberspace. Unlike the ACORN employees, used to doing service work for their communities, this event happened where everyone could see it.

You can also buy I Heart Anthony Weiner bumper stickers after you read this “Post”.

I seriously wonder how these morons function in the real world.  Like do they get lost trying to find their own bathroom?  Do they lose things like cars, children, jobs? Do they forget important details like breathing so that we can blame their obvious brain damage on hypoxia?  Eating too much lead paint as a child?  Too much crack on the weekends?

God must really have a special place in his heart for the stupid and mentally infirm. Why else would there be so many of them?

 You can’t fix this kind of willful stupidity. They are like drowning rats in the Sea of Stupid, viciously biting the hands of all who would scoop them out and set them down on the Shores of Sanity. Desperate to be the first one to the bottom.

Yes, Andrew this is just too funny.. But then Daily Kos is a joke to begin with.

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