The Obama Administration has put the Economy in the Crapper and Flushed the Toilet

Face It – From the US Senate Republican Policy Committee

The Obama Economic Record

Unemployed Americans:

Inauguration Day:  12 Million

Today:  13.9 Million

Change:  Up 1.9 Million or 13.7 Percent

 Unemployment Rate:

Inauguration Day:  7.8%

Today:  9.1%

Change:  Up 17%

Gas Prices:

Inauguration Day:  $1.85 / Gallon

Today:  $3.71 / Gallon

Change:  Up 101%

Federal Debt:

Inauguration Day:  10.6 Trillion

Today:  14.3 Trillion

Change:  Up 35%

Debt per Person:

Inauguration Day:  $34,371 per Person

Today:  $46,042 per Person

Change:  Up $11,311 or 24.6%

Food Stamp Recipients:

Inauguration Day:  32 Million

Today:  45 Million

Change:  Up 39%

Home Values:

Inauguration Day:  $193,400

Today:  $169,600

Change:  Down 12%

Where is there any evidence that ObamaNomics is working?  These numbers are depressing, monumentally depressing.

There is a Jimmy Buffett song I downloaded from ITunes the other day titled “A Lot to Drink About” one of the verses goes like this:

Now the family devalues
and little children count their net worth
and the truth wherever it’s hiding,
can be found on Google Earth.
Citibank’s buying jets with our money.
I wanna flog ‘em with a buggy whip.
I hope Obama and Joe won’t let the volcano blow
and patch the hole in our sinking ship.

 Bad News Jimmy, not only did Obama and Joe let the volcano blow, they also let the 10.0 Earthquake happen and the Hurricane come ashore at 300 MPH.  

Jimmy maybe you ought to rewrite the lyrics to your 1973 song “Why don’t we get Drunk” to “Why don’t we get Drunk – We’re Screwed”.

Nothing to Smile about here Jimmy



4 thoughts on “The Obama Administration has put the Economy in the Crapper and Flushed the Toilet

  1. Interesting numbers – but vastly over-simplified and thus misleading

    For example: that increased number of unemployed. 12 million when he took office, 13.9 now.

    First: a fact omitted from that raw figure: each month, on average, the number of working age people increases by 135,000 people simply from population growth.

    Obama’s 29 months in office times 135,000 means 3.9 million people have been added to the cohort of workers. So the fact that unemployment has only risen 1.9 million means that we’re actually ahead of the curve.

    In 2008 there were 2.6 million job losses (the worst since the Great Depression) When you factor in that 3.9 million population growth of workers, the “increase” of unemployed from 12 million to 13.9 million is actually a net gain of 2 million jobs

    Second: That figure also ignores the fact that unemployment was soaring when Bush left office, This chart shows the increases in unemployment throughout 2008 to Jan 2009:

    If the rate of increase in unemployment during the last year of Bush’s admin had simply continued at the increase of 2.7% per year, the rate would now be 14.1% – makes 9.1% look pretty good, doesn’t it. (And the rate of increase itself was continuing during Bush’s last year)

    Third: the government doesn’t hire most people – the private sector does. While so many people were laid off, our private sector has banked over a trillion dollars (yes, trillion) in savings. They could have used that money to employ people but they didn’t. (Maybe that makes business sense. The cold fact remains the unemployment rate is primarily determined by business, not by government.)

    Ultimately, it is the private sector which determines the unemployment rate, not the government.

    Fourth. Unemployment and how to deal with it was the leading issue through mid 2010.

    The GOP stopped talking about unemployment and insisted the national conversation had to be on the deficit. And the blocked and curtailed many of Obama’s initiatives to promote job creation.

    So the GOP has obstructed policies to promote jobs, is advocating massive government cut backs which will further increase unemployment and they want to make unemplyment as issue again?

    After 8 years of Bush tax cuts we had soaring unemployment. And the GOP want even more tax cuts. It wants massively increase unemployment through budget cut backs. And it wants to continue the gutting of the checks and balances on commerce.

    Throughout the Bush administration, the GOP has presided over a massive wealth re-distribution to the top 2%, leaving the mass of people barely able to make ends meet, much less increase their spending so that jobs are created.

    The old advice comes to mind: “when you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is STOP DIGGING!”

    The situation sucks because of Bush and GOP economic practices – but the situation would be far worse if Obama hadn’t done what he could. And imagine where we’d be if the GOP, the party of “No, Hell No!,” weren’t trying to tank the economy and blame it on Obama.

    • You and your facts 😉 hahah… thanks for at least trying to put this hear so people can get more than what is just written… wish things weren’t so hateful and one sided out there, but guess that would mean people couldn’t complain as much =P

      Kudos for your research!

  2. Let’s see. Under Obama:
    – 1.9 Million jobs lost
    – Gas Prices up 100%
    – 28 months of Unemployment up 8%
    – New Business start-ups choked off
    – Investment in U.S. Energy and jobs down to a paltry level.
    And many more statistics of FAILURE of the Obama Regime!

    Add to that, our FREEDOMS have been hijacked! Give me liberty….

    In bankrupting America Omarxist weakened us according to The Rules for Radicals. That attack on U.S. economy has worked for the Socialists. So if they’ll all do that to us taxpaying Americans, they’ll do anything. There is NO trust in Democrats at all. They’ve shown their hand and we reject it.

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