Despite that The Barn Door is now wide open and the Horses have already fled to the Hills, President Obama tries the “Day Late and a Dollar Short” approach by signing an Executive Order to get companies to come to the United States

“Like Sending up a Flare.” – Engineer Scott “Star Trek


President Barack Obama has issued an executive order setting up a government project to retain and attract business to the United States.

The program will be run out of the Commerce Department but will involve departments and agencies across the government to promote the United States as a hospitable place for investment.

The effort comes as Obama tries to emphasize job creation in the face of 9.1 percent unemployment and sluggish economic growth.

According to the order, the cost of the program will be paid out of the Commerce Department’s existing budget. A working group made up of senior officials from throughout the executive branch will coordinate promotion activities and address business concerns.

 Well let’s see here… Since the day Obama took office he has attacked any company making a profit and supported excessive union demands will issuing more regulations through Federal Agencies like the FDA without legislation to back it up. He shut down offshore drilling while we bought more than 540 billion dollars worth of foreign oil just last year.

Now he issues an Executive Order to attract foreign companies. I wonder why it didn’t dawn on him to stop running off existing US based companies.

This is sort of like the “liver doctor” who will tell patients, no matter that they are or what their symptoms, that they have “liver trouble.” In Obama’s eyes there is absolutely nothing that a good government program won’t fix. Need I recite how that’s working out for America’s economy?

This is what we get when we elect a man to be President who has ZERO experience and an ideology of Social Justice based on America being unfair for the past 235 years. He has increased regulations, converted the EPA into a “Rules Making Authority” and the Interior Department into a “Roadblock for Domestic Energy.”

Obama must be a one term President. If we re-elect him it will take decades to recover even with the best of leadership.

New Roll of TP for more Executive Orders Sir...

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