Your Namby Pamby Nanny State hard at work for you…

 From the AP:

LA School District Votes to Ban Flavored Milk

 Los Angeles Unified on Tuesday became the nation’s largest school district to stop serving flavored milk in a move to combat child obesity.

The school board voted to eliminate chocolate and strawberry milk from schools as of July 1.

LAUSD joins a growing number of school districts nationwide, including District of Columbia, Boulder Valley, Colo., and Berkeley, Calif., which serve only plain milk because of the added sugar contained in flavored versions.

The proposal by Superintendent John Deasy came after popular British TV chef Jamie Oliver criticized the district in recent months for serving flavored milks, saying they contain the sugar equivalent of a candy bar.

In one TV stunt, he filled a school bus with sand to represent the amount of added sugar LAUSD students consume in a year through flavored milk.

Some board members were rankled by the perception that the district was caving in to Oliver, who unsuccessfully lobbied the district to be allowed to tape shows in local schools.

“I really don’t understand why we’re letting a TV chef dictate our policy,” said board member Tamar Galatzan, who noted that many health advocates including the American Heart Association say the nutritional benefits of flavored milk outweigh the harm of added sugar.

Some advocates say that milk consumption drops when children are not offered the option of chocolate and other flavored milks.

She noted the district serves fruit juices containing 27 to 29 grams of sugar per serving, more than the amount of sugar in flavored milk — 20 grams in eight ounces of fat-free chocolate milk and 27 grams in fat-free strawberry.

Galatzan was the lone dissenter on the board.

The move was applauded by several proponents in the audience.

“Thirty percent of our kids are obese or are on track to diabetes,” said Jennie Cook of Food for Lunch, a coalition advocating nutritious school food, who has been pushing the district to eliminate flavored milk for the past year. “This is a social justice issue.”

Emily Ventura, a researcher with the University of Southern California’s Childhood Research Center, noted that a number of experts did not recommend flavored milk as a healthy choice. She said 6,000 LAUSD parents had signed a petition to eliminate flavored milk from the district.

Some school districts have opted for a middle road, using natural sweeteners like cane sugar, beet sugar and Truvia to sweeten milks instead of high-fructose corn syrup based flavorings.

But others say children should learn to drink plain milk.

LAUSD is the nation’s second-largest school district with about 688,000 students.

Well, I would venture to guess that Real Sugar Mountain Dew, Sour Cream and Onion Doritos and Vanilla Long Johns are also off the menu at LA Unified..

The issue is that the government is trying to control every aspect of our lives, including our children. We should all be responsible for ourselves, not the nannies of this regime. Read between the lines and try to understand that this maneuver is just one more step towards losing our freedoms.

 This is not about milk; it’s about keeping our independence!

 Our governments are not in place to take care of our daily needs or to regulate what foods we should or should not eat– so long as they aren’t contaminated.

Maybe if our legislators spent more time taking care of the issues that they should be taking care of– like crime and budgets and repairing our infrastructure– we might be a hell of a lot better off as a nation and as a people.

Home school your kids, send them to a private school, school vouchers; ANYTHING but stay out of the public school system. 

Or, prepare for your kids to eat Government Mandated Soylent Green.

Mmm Mmm Good, has Fiber and it's made of People

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