Neil Cavuto – The Economy is not producing jobs

Neil Cavuto – I owe you an Apology.  I haven’t been keeping up on you since you went to the Fox Business Channel.  You commentaries always give me something to think about – like this one.  I will try to keep up in the future.

Sometimes I think we live in an alternate universe.

The economy’s not producing jobs…so we go right back to the very policies that have not produced jobs.

And that’s okay.

A U.S. congressman caught quite literally with his pants down online, and now I’m hearing folks say his political future “hasn’t” been off-lined.

And that’s okay.

Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer can lecture Republicans about getting a grip on spending, but with a straight face, say leave Medicare out of it.

And that’s okay.

Or an internet radio company called Pandora Media, that has yet to make a buck, can debut with a market cap north of “two-and-a-half billion bucks.”

And it’s more than okay.

Profits don’t matter.

Results don’t matter.

Past failures don’t matter.

Huge indiscretions apparently don’t matter.

You’re still viable, even though you’re a fool.

You draw foolish investors, even though your business plan is not viable.

On Wall Street, they call it investing on promise and potential.

…forgetting little details like profits and results.

I don’t know, but it’s weird.

Rewarding those who have as yet to prove themselves worthy…

And refusing to punish those who sadly have proven themselves unworthy.

No time for the crime.


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