Can I hear a big “HALLEUJAH”!!! McCain won’t run for President in 2012..

 McCain scoffs at idea of a second presidential run


Sen. John McCain is brushing aside any questions about whether he might ultimately decide to run for president again in 2012.

McCain was asked in an NBCToday” show interview whether he’d get into the sweepstakes if it looked like there were no clear front-runner.

The Arizona Republican smiled and told interviewer Ann Curry, “There’s a long history of masochism in my family, but not so severe” as to make him want to run again.

McCain’s comment came on the same day that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was getting ready to formally enter the race, becoming the eighth candidate to officially declare. McCain lost to Barack Obama in 2008 in a race that was not close.

 Thank you Senator McCain, your time has come and gone. Actually, it had come and gone in 2007-8. Seriously, thanks for your service to our country. However, maybe now would be a good time to retire.

 PS:  John McCain ran for President in 2000 in the Primary; so, if he showed signs of senility and decided to run in 2012, it would actually be his third try at the Presidency.

Uncle Sam needs your help.. Vote for Michele Bachmann so that she can shoot these buzzards down.

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