Dems throw in Faux Tea-Party Candidate and win Election…

Burt Prelutsky

Jack Davis Latter Day Ross Perot

Democrats have been celebrating non-stop the fact that Kathy Hochul won the special congressional election in upper state New York. They claim it’s a vindication of their left-wing agenda. What they don’t publicize is the inconvenient truth that while Hochul garnered 47% of the vote to Jane Corwin’s 43%, her margin of victory, 4,694 votes, would have vanished if 9,495 people in the district hadn’t been conned into voting for a jackass named Jack Davis.

Davis, who, in spite of having repeatedly run and lost as a Democrat in prior elections, this time around claimed to be the Tea Party candidate. The fact that this liberal in sheep’s clothing managed to pull off such a dopey scam, in spite of being denounced as a fraud by the Tea Party, points out the weakness inherent in democracy; namely, that all sorts of morons get to vote.

 In other words after trying to discredit, maim, cajole, slander and bully the Tea Party – the Dems threw a “Trojan Horse” into this campaign as a Tea Party candidate.  He was able to draw enough votes ala Ross Perot away from the GOP candidate where the Dem candidate won with 47% of the vote. 

All Kathy Hochul said was that she would not vote to cut Medicare – the voters didn’t care about anything EXCEPT if there medical benefits were cut and Ms Hochul won.


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