Obama Fails: Too Long to List in One Posting

So, this morning I was leaving a comment at “Support Your Local Gunfighter” on the topic of Obama Campaign Promises.  I realized 12 broken promises or fails didn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg.  So I listed 23 more “Fails” and made this a post.  Keep in mind that the last 23 are from 2009 and 2010. 

Without further adieu here we go – Obama’s Poems, Prayers and Promises:

1)  Promoting Black Panthers at the polling stations, smears on law enforcement

2) Let Union corruption spread to the White House


3)  Destroyed the constitution

4) Given us the Pigford Scandal

5) Brought on project Gun Runner

6) The administration is a dysfunctional re-tread cabinet.

7) We have czars who do not report to Congress.

8) Given us t-shirt rallies at memorials.

9) We are $14 Trillion in the Hole

10) 9.1% Unemployment

11) 20.9% Underemployment

12) Gone after the state the AZ for passing a Constitutional law.

13) Going after Fox News because they wouldn’t report favorably on Obama.

14) Stimulus bill – not a jobs bill but a Democratic payback bill

15) Cash for Clunkers – cost 3 times more than original estimate

16) Lack of proper vetting

17) Tax cheats in his admin (Hello, Tim Geitner, Mr. Treasury Secretary)

18) Allowing Van Jones, Radical Racist communist in his admin

19) Letting Pelosi and Reid write bills

20) Allowing Lobbyists when he said he wouldn’t

21) Lack of transparency

22) Lying about details of his healthcare reform bill – YOU LIE!!!

23) Association with ACORN

24) Refuse to honor National Day of Prayer

25) Feeding Israel to the Muslims

26)  Supporting a dictator in Honduras

27) Took too long to speak out against violence against voters in Iran

28) Getting the NEA to produce propaganda art for his agenda

29) Firing inspector general for investigating his friends at AmeriCorps

30) Shutting down voucher program in DC for poor school kids

31) Lied about putting bills online for 5 days

32) Spending more than any president in history

33) Raised the deficit 3 times the amount it was last year

34) Bailout of Fannie and Freddie

35) Devaluing the dollar all over the world because of massive debt & spending

36)  Allowing US to become in debt to foreign countries


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