Limousine Lib Tom Hanks is on board the Obama Express Train to Hell in 2012

Forrest Gump will proudly Vote for Obama in 2012


It’s a bit early, but Tom Hanks has already made up his mind about the 2012 presidential election. He’s voting for Barack Obama, again.

Remember this movie from about 25 years ago it was about throwing money down a Shithole hoping it would come up roses. That is what you man Obama is doing right now with this country,

In an interview with CNN, the actor who’s been on a media blitz promoting a new movie, explained his endorsement.

Host Kyra Phillips introduced the subject, saying: “All right. President Obama, you’ve been a big supporter…”

Interrupting, Hanks said, “And I will be again! Let me take it right now. I’m going to vote for him for his re-election in 2012. I beat to you the punch.”

Phillips pressed the actor for his thoughts on Obama’s “evolving” stance on gay marriage. “Does President Obama need to endorse it?” she asked.

Hanks, a longtime Democrat, went on to say that the president has not only lived up to his expectations but “expanded” them.

Here is where the "Billion Jobs at GM" have hanging out lately. How about you stop on by and ask them how they think Obama is doing.

Said Hanks, “If you would have told me a few years ago that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ would be repealed and about a billion jobs at General Motors and Chrysler would have been saved because the president was smart enough and strong enough and bold enough to do so, I would have said, ‘Wow. That’s a good president, I think I’ll vote for him again.’

Yet another rich to his ass Progressive-Socialist-Liberal celebrity, telling the uncivilized unwashed masses how to think from the back seat of his limo.

A billion jobs at GM and Chrysler? Really Hanks? I know you’re not a smart man — I get it. But absolving these two car companies of more than $35 billion in debt at the taxpayer’s expense, documented accounting chicanery used to help the companies claim they’ve “paid back” their loans, and the newfound revelation that they eliminated pensions for all NON-UNION employees, is hardly something to be crowing about. Fascism is hardly something to which America should aspire. But I expect as much asininity from someone with an elementary grasp of both macroeconomics and reality.

AND How does one “save a billion jobs at General Motors and Chrysler” when the entire US Economy only has 131 million jobs? It figures that someone who doesn’t know the difference between “million” and “billion” would be an Obama supporter…

Progressive Tool.


4 thoughts on “Limousine Lib Tom Hanks is on board the Obama Express Train to Hell in 2012

  1. Obama doesn’t think for himself. He has someone else tell him what to say. He and Michelle travel to places they have no business on Airforce 1, which is paid for by American Citizens. The world laughs at our clueless president. But liberals stand behind him. Next year we all need to go out in force to vote him out! Oh, and Hanks…Really now. The car manufacturers employ a billion? That is stupid. And the rest of the work force only has 131 Million? That is so ridiculous. Although, with so many out of work and cannot find jobs…OK. If Obama was so wonderful,why aren’t businesses hiring instead of firing? Because he is CLUELESS.

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