Tingle Boy Matthews Inserts Foot Up Pie Hole Once Again

From The Blaze

Chris Matthews: Pelosi Was ‘Strongest House Speaker’ in 50 Years

Bias Stupidity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. The Hardball host, who seems to drop a new jaw-dropping bombshell near daily, now asserts that there hasn’t been a “stronger” House Speaker in the last 50 years than Nancy Pelosi.

NewsBusters points out that Pelosi was House Speaker during one of the nation’s worst recessions in decades, causing unemployment rates to double and the debt to increase by 61 percent.

Matthews stated: “There’s never been a stronger speaker, I think, since Sam Rayburn than the speaker — just recently was speaker. That’s Nancy Pelosi.”

NewsBusters continues:

Consider that the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent when Pelosi was sworn in back in January 2007. When she gave up the gavel four years later, the rate was a staggering 9.4 percent with over 8.5 million more people out of work.

Let’s understand that the economy was booming when the Democrats and Pelosi took over Congress in 2007. By the end of their first year in charge, a recession began that many claim to be the worst since the Great Depression.

But that‘s not Pelosi’s only “accomplishment.” The budget deficit before she became Speaker was a mere $160 billion. When she stepped down, the deficit had increased tenfold to an almost unthinkable $1.6 trillion.

The total federal debt when Pelosi was given the gavel was $8.7 trillion. When she handed it over to current Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.), the debt had increased 61 percent to $14 trillion

Wow, Chris it’s like I don’t know where to start.  My Mom’s dead cat could have been a better House speaker then San Fran Nan.

When I hear and read stuff like this I just shake my head and wonder what Chris Matthews is putting in his Grecian Formula. I may be a conservative but truth is still truth and lies are still lies in my book. Nancy needs to get out of Dodge and let someone who knows what they are doing go to work. She has been one of the greatest forces in destroying this country in a long time.

Madame Speaker Pelosi was one of the “strongest”, most manipulative, female bullies, I’ve ever seen in political office. Absolutely no regard for what the people of this nation wanted. Only concern was her socialist agenda. So yes, in that regard she was strong.

This woman, teamed up with Obama, has done more to destroy America than all of the speakers who preceded her. Given a supermajority, built upon a foundation of trumped-up lies by the mainstream media, the liberals she represents are tearing America apart and reshaping our nation into a totalitarian state run by Marxists and social engineers. She bankrupted our treasury and passed laws that trample our Constitutional rights. This dedicated communist should be jailed for treason and Chris Matthews should be deported to some communist country where he can be an honest mouthpiece for a state-run media that has no pretence of journalism.


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