Why Libs are such Massive Idiots – Two Views

While I was reading a couple of favorite blogs the other day I came across these two views as to why Libs are Libs and maybe one day might move over to the right side. A Big Caution though the change will move about as fast as Andy DuFresne dug out of his jail cell in the Shawshank Redemption.  It might happen with Pressure, Time and a very strong rock pic thingy called Common Sense.

Belladonna Rogers Pajamas Media

Don’t think you can convert a liberal to your views. Political affiliation has become a matter of tribal and personal identification with a group. Although it may appear to be rational, it isn’t, entirely. It’s emotional. The desire to remain a liberal, even in the face of all the evidence of its failures, is born of humanity’s — and all living creatures’ — deepest instincts to affiliate with others and to retain that affiliation regardless of logic or facts.  Not everyone has either the desire or the need to think analytically about political realities.  Many base their politics on a yearning to be part of a movement larger than themselves.

By revealing that you’re a conservative, what the liberal will hear is this: “I could have chosen to be a member of your tribe, but I’ve decided your tribe doesn’t represent my understanding of the world.”  What this, in turn, conveys to the liberal is, “I’ve rejected the premises that undergird your entire world view.  The foundations of your understanding of the world are not mine.”

While people can and do change, they don’t turn around on a dime because of a single powerful conversation over drinks or dinner. Change occurs, if at all, over years or decades, through the slow accretion of new or newly-understood information and newly-formed impressions, as well as through the gradual accumulation of experiences and observations.

Burt Prelutsky

I have concluded that people become left-wingers because they confuse good intentions with actual activity, theory with reality and fairy tales with history. That is to say, they are disconnected from an objective universe where facts trump emotions. In short, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’ve decided that they are not necessarily evil, but they are certifiably bonkers.

LIBS: Break Free of the Bondage Prison of Progressive Liberalism and Come Forward to the Freedom of Conservative Values and Common Sense.

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