Okay Bill Maher, I Give Up – You’re Just an A**Hole and Nothing More can be done

Captain of the All-Star Asshole Team

There is a revolving Billboard on my way to work every morning.  It has on an average day about 7 to 10 ads that run for about 10 seconds each.  Last year on this billboard there was an advertisement for Bill Maher coming to the local casino to perform his range of Socialist-Progressive Propaganda Drivel.  One morning I pulled over to the side of the road went as close to the sign and gave Bill Maher a single digit and held it there for as long as Maher promotion was up on the billboard – about 10 seconds.  A male driver in the other lane came screaming out of his car and thought I meant the single digit for him.  It took a couple of minutes to explain over his temper that I was flipping off Bill Maher, not him. 

If Bill comes to town again and he is on that billboard I will be out in traffic proudly flipping him the bird.

The reason I tell this story is Bill explains on his show why he doesn’t care has utter contempt for conservatives, particularly Sarah Palin and the next President of the United States Michele Bachmann.  Here is a sampling of the dialogue:

“New rule: Republicans have to stop thinking up intricate psychological explanations for why liberals don’t like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. Let me save you all some time — are you ready? — (it’s) because they’re crazy people. People who are not that bright and full of awful ideas — pretty much the same exact reasons we didn’t care for George Bush and made jokes about him. So trust me: it’s not because they have breasts — it’s because they are boobs

“…and when I point out that Sarah Palin is a vain-glorious braggart, a liar, a whiner, a professional victim, a scold, a know-it-all, a chiseler, a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdoes straight out of The Hills Have Eyes, that’s not sexist. I’m saying it because it’s true – not because it’s true of a woman.”

Here is the video:

You’re an A-Hole and I give up.


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