Some Administrative Thingys

I have made a couple of cosmetic changes to The Liberal Lie In Color:

1)       I have taken the In Color part out of the parenthesis ()

2)      The Death Pool and Legion of Doom sidebars have been eliminated.  Too negative.

Also, I seem to have attracted a couple of far left wing leaning (more like tipped over completely) bloggers.  All I ask is to be respectful with the comments.  If you really disagree with me and can’t stand the idea of Michele Bachmann as President or that Gay Pastors should not preach please go somewhere else where your opinions would be welcome like Joe My God, Daily Kos or Firedog Lake, they will probably be more than supportive of your posts and you might get a few responses in agreement back.

Finally, I confess that I been a troll in the past to Huffington Post and other liberal bloggers.  Going forward I will not post anything on these blogs that is cheap shot or hurtful in nature and I apologize that I may have hurt or offended anyone with my comments.

And now as Casey Kasem used to say “ON WITH THE COUNTDOWN”!!


Ferrell Gummitt


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