Hey, Ho Here is Why Obama Must Go…..

 Bill O’Reilly in One of his Talking Points Memo last week said that the 2012 election is quite possibly “The Election of our Lives”.  Do we go elect someone who can us back to a land of opportunity and small government or do we re-elect Obama so that he can fulfill his vision of Utopian Socialism with Big Government and plenty of Entitlements..

 Focus Folks, Its Obama

 Bruce Bialosky

So let’s focus on why this fine fellow (Obama) needs to be retired:

Lawless Attitude: The opposition can cite examples where prior Presidents have attempted to pick and choose laws to follow, but Obama and his cronies have raised this to a new level:

1. Ignoring a judicial ruling regarding Gulf drilling because of his desire to eliminate carbon-based fuels in favor of his delusional plan for green energy.

2. Refusing to defend a law, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was passed by Congress and signed by a prior President of his own party, because he thinks it’s unconstitutional. Maybe Obama, who supposedly taught Constitutional law, forgot that the third part of our government – the courts – determine whether a law is constitutional or not.

3. Card Check, the attempt by organized labor to circumvent union elections, was defeated. So Obama and his union cronies on the National Labor Relations Board decide to enact Card Check-like procedures to provide unions with unfair advantages in order to screw private businesses.

EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Obama has become the single most destructive force in the American economy. The destruction of farming in California to protect the delta smelt is one example among many.

For clarity, no one wants dirty air or water. But there is proportionality in everything, and Obama’s EPA is run by a team of far-left zealots. Under Lisa Jackson, a career environmental regulator, any sense of balance has been lost. Another four years of Obama could turn America into a prison under EPA control.

Foreign Policy: Being the President when Bin Laden was killed is not enough to overcome Obama’s totally inept foreign policy. His practice of slapping down our friends and kissing up to our enemies is without a doubt the worst foreign policy in my lifetime – except perhaps for Jimmy Carter. (Talk about low standards!)

Dodd-Frank: Without a new President and a Congress willing to defund and/or repeal this law, our credit markets will be significantly impaired in the name of “consumer protection.” Elizabeth Warren and her horde of “we know better” Harvard elites will “protect” people completely out of the credit markets, thereby eliminating any hope of moving up the economic ladder.

Warren and her gang never learned from the overreaction of Sarbanes-Oxley, which in the name of “protecting” us drove capital formation markets to foreign countries. Sarbox has destroyed thousands of jobs, so why should we allow another omnibus bill – that doesn’t even consider the damaging effect on our economy – to take full force and effect? Give Obama four more years and you will see how destructive this law becomes.

And the granddaddy of them all:

ObamaCare: Need I say more? Yes, I do. All the controls and panels and invasive elements of the law go into effect during Obama’s second term. Unless we overturn this monstrosity and replace it with reasonable laws to reform our medical system, God help us.


Even the leftist N.Y.Times now laments that the ObaMessiah never leads– not on ObamaCare , not on the “Stimulus,” and especially not on this Debt Ceiling/Budget Crisis.

He does seem to lead, however, at recreating– playing golf, shooting hoops, vacationing lavishly in Hawaii, etc. He also petulantly whines a lot and blames everyone but his egomaniacal self.

Let’s face an inconvenient fact– too many voted for a pig in a poke…and now the lipstick on the pig is not faking as many out. We got change– for the worse. The guy is in over his head.



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