FCC Finally Gets the 30 Ought 6 and Takes the Fairness Doctrine out to the Back 40 and Puts it out of it’s Misery

Praise God for this.  Freedom of Speech now truly rules the airwaves.


The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it has eliminated more than 80 outdated media rules, including the controversial Fairness Doctrine, which, until it was halted in the 1980’s, required broadcasters to include different viewpoints on “issues of public importance.”

“The elimination of the obsolete Fairness Doctrine regulations will remove an unnecessary distraction,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement. “As I have said, striking this from our books ensures there can be no mistake that what has long been a dead letter remains dead.”

The doctrine hasn’t actually been enforced since 1987, when it was deemed unconstitutional by the FCC. But Republicans and conservative broadcasters, worried about its reemergence, pushed for the doctrine to be officially removed from the rulebooks, despite the fact that President Obama repeatedly stated that he didn’t support the doctrine.

The FCC is also doing away with two corollaries to the doctrine, which forced broadcasters endorsing a particular political candidate to give other candidates equal time, and to give candidates time to respond to personal attacks. Both corollaries were repealed by the FCC in 2000, but also remained on the books.

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch the libunatics progress through various stages of meltdown as their communist agenda is undone. 


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