Desparate Times for the Dems…

Desperate times call for Desperate Measures and the Libs are the best at it.

More weeks of Unemployment Insurance because as we all know this helps the economy because unemployed people can buy food, clothes, I Pads, Cadillac Escalades – all the things they need.  Never mind that the Unemployment Insurance is paid by the employers, the people that – OOOPS… Hire people.

The Tea Party’s Mission Statement apparently is to see Black People hanging from trees.  Yes, that is all we talk about at the Tea Party Meetings I go to right after “Chat about Clinging to our Guns, Beer and Religion”.

And President Obama is going to try for the 762nd time to have the government prop up the job market by rebuilding schools and infrastructure.  Will these be “Shovel Ready Jobs” or just “Shoveling More Shit?”

Finally, Bad News Wisconsin Libs and Union Workers, your Governor Walker’s budget is actually working.

Guy Benson

First, the liberal Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reluctantly admitted that New Hitler’s Gov. Scott Walker‘s controversial budget and collective bargaining reforms are, in fact, working precisely as he predicted they would.  Now a second MSM source — namely, a reporter at Good Day Wisconsin — has concluded his own comprehensive examination of the law’s immediate effects.  His review discovered (surprise!) “across the board” savings for school districts throughout Wisconsin — some as high as seven figures this year alone.  These savings have not only allowed districts to avoid laying off the very teachers who most vehemently opposed the legislation, they also demonstrate that school districts had been locked into grossly overpaying for employees’ health insurance because of onerous, unaffordable union contracts. 

In other words, the Walker bill finally busted the racket…

OH, THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can see 2012 from here folks.


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