Tell me why anyone Votes for a Democrat in the First Place?

Some of the Insanity from the Left that has comes through in the last couple of days…

 Maxine Waters wants a TRILLION Dollar Jobs Program. I think Maxine should be made to stand on the floor of the House and COUNT from 1 to 1 Trillion.

 The USPS wants a 5.5 Billion dollar bailout, break their union contract and lay off 125,000 workers and close boatloads of Post Offices.

I say CLOSE 80% of the Federal Government for the rest of the year.

 Democrats/Progressives are locked into Keynesian economics for one reason – it buys votes. And they are spending taxpayer funds, not their own. To them it’s a win situation even though it doesn’t help the economy or reduce unemployment. It does, in fact, just the opposite – more debt, higher taxes, less disposable income, fewer employed, and the list goes on.

 Some Keynesians can’t be helped because they believe in it. They are unable to contemplate any alternative. They are like the barber-doctors of old who bled their patients to remove the ‘bad’ humors from the body and kept doing it until the patient recovered his health. If the patient died it was because they didn’t bleed the patient enough.

However, Waters supports it because she makes money off it, and it gives her power and status, despite the damage it causes to society and people. 

Democrats/Progressives/Liberals have told us:

Food stamps are good for the economy

Unemployment checks are good for the economy

Natural disasters are good for the economy

A new terrorist attack may help boost the economy

Taxing the “rich” would be good for the economy

Borrowing more money (from China) would be good for the economy

Subsidizing private companies that are otherwise unprofitable is good for the economy

and if you don’t agree with them . . . you must be a racist.

Maxine, why bother with all these programs and bills? Let’s just do what you really want. Take all the money we can from anyone who works and just give it away to everyone you think deserves the money. What could possibly go wrong?

Finally, this is what three years of Obama – the VERY BEST the Democrats have ever had to offer – has given us:

US of A in Economic Depression

Downgraded US Credit Rating

Ignore the War Powers Act

Gas, Food and Clothing Prices Skyrocketing

Five Wars, One with a Record Death Toll

Raiding the Private Pension Fund to Avoid the Debt Ceiling

Lost 800+ Seats for His Own Party

44 Million Americans on Food Stamps

Over half of the States Suing to get out of Obama Care

One in Four Mortgages under Water

ATF Gunrunning Scandal

Please Keith Olbermann, “Reverend” Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jimmy Hoffa Jr.  Continue to spin this disaster of a Presidential Administration that it is all good for everyone and that it is of course Bush’s fault.  Let me ask all of you I am sure you have all started a job that had a predecessor that made mistakes when they had the job.  Three years into the job did you blame the predecessor for the environment your place of work was presently in years later?  My guess is if you did you were either shown the door shortly thereafter or promoted….

 Do you want to know what we Conservatives stand for?



 American Oil

 Spending control

  No Illegal Immigration

  Less Government

   Less Taxes

   Less Abortion


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