Will Dems Do the Honorable Thing and Ask Obama to Step Aside?

Well, “Dems” and “Honorable Thing” are two different worlds entirely if you think about it..   BUT..

My “gut feelings” tells me that this usurper is not about to step aside and let somebody else be the “dictator” of America. He is a narcissist of the first degree. His pride and arrogance alone will keep him in office.

By hook or crook, by martial law or some other created crisis, this narcissist will find a way to stop all opposition of those standing in his way of transforming America into a Marxist controlled government.

He has accomplished too much, too fast, in bringing our nation to the verge of total collapse to turn over the reins to someone else. He and his Marxist cronies have gotten by with fraudulent and impeachable acts for so long, and have seen with their own eyes that no politician on either side of the political aisle has the guts to stop them from continuing the destruction of capitalism and the transforming of our nation into a godless, lawless, communistic society and government. Even the highest court in our nation, the United States Supreme Court, continues to turn a blind eye to what Obama has unlawfully done to transform our nation into a Marxist government.

Only a sovereign and holy God will be able to stop Obama and his Marxist comrades in their tracks. And that depends on our willingness to stop rebelling against God’s precepts, repent, and turn back to serving Him instead of evil and corrupt men and women now ruling over us.

But in the end, it DOES NOT MATTER WHO runs for the Democrats . . . WHY ?

BECAUSE the AGENDAS and PROGRAMS of the OBAMA Administration, ESPECIALLY OBAMACARE. are the real problems and MUST BE STRUCK DOWN, regardless of what Democrat / Liberal / Progressive is running for office ! ! !

We MUST ELECT a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN President and take back CONTROL of the SENATE . . . PERIOD ! ! !

And no RINOS.. 

Paging Rick Perry, your Oval Office Seat is now ready.



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