Fast and Furious or What is an ACCOMPLICE TO FIRST DEGREE MURDER FOR $1000 ALEX?

On September 28 Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu doubled down on CNN. The sheriff implicated the ATF, Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department as accomplices to murder involving weapons used in Operation Fast and Furious. 

The idea was to pin the blame on gun dealers in Arizona and Texas, and claim that the U.S. needed stricter gun laws to protect the citizens of Mexico and the U.S. Remember, an armed society is not easily controlled. When the Romans conquered a nation, the first thing they did was disarm the populace as well as Nazi Germany disarming the Jews.

Guns from Fast and Furious are now being found at crime scenes in Arizona and Texas. Most of the over 2,000 weapons sold under F & F have never been located. This wrong-headed program, designed for no other reason than to try to disarm Americans with stricter gun laws, will have ramifications for years.

These atrocities of this government in concert with ATF, Holder and the president of the United States should be more than investigated but all held accountable for this disastrous dereliction of duties.

A police officer was killed by guns we supply the criminals. Recently, two men have been executed for the killing a police officer.

Again, our guns killed a police officer. Now, to shove this one under the rug isn’t an option.

My hopes are that there will be justice. Not Holder Justice! This administration has many skeletons in their closet and if Obama, Holder and ATF can be convicted before the election, without getting cover, Obama will be out of office. But we can’t hold our breath.

This is at least 100 times worse than Watergate. Obama and everyone in his administration should be resigning over it. The lib media won’t even touch it because they want to protect their precious. Can you imagine the 24/7 demand for impeachment if President Bush had done anything remotely like this. The only questions the White Press corp. would be asking is about this scandal.

It is time for Obama and his henchmen to realize that innocent people cannot become a collateral damage for their ill fated evil scheme. Obama and his henchmen should also realize that these is a serious matter and real. They should stop watching Hollywood movies where victims walk away from the set after their murderous scheme stop.  Obama and Holder need to start wearing the latest in Orange Jump Suit wear.


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