Harry Belafonte Commits Grand Felony Moonbattery on the Joyless Behar Show

Talking about Herman Cain:

“It’s very hard to comment on someone who is so denied intelligence,” Belafonte said, “someone who has denied such a view of history.”

“Because he happened to have good fortune hit him, he had a moment where he broke through … does not make him the authority of the plight of people with color.”

But Belafonte was just getting started.

“The Republican party, the Tea Party, all those forces to the extreme right have consistently tried to come up with representations of what they call black, what they call the real negroes,” he says, citing Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

“Herman Cain is just the latest incarnation of what is totally false to the needs of our community, and the needs of our nation. I think he’s a bad apple, and people should look at his hole card, he’s not what he says he is.”

When Behar tells her guest Cain doesn’t have a prayer in the presidential election Belafonte responds, ‘”I don’t think prayers were created for him.’

First of all Harry, I have got a few questions for you:
1. As a civil rights activist, why are you bashing Herman Cain?

2. As the child of a Jamaican Mother and Martiniquais Father, you too were able to assume the American Dream of earning a rich and free lifestyle, correct?

3. As a top 1%’er, do you pay the minimum or the maximum in taxes on your investments? Do you supplement your tax bill voluntarily with an overpayment amount to help support the poor and downtrodden in the US? OR, do you donate your money to countries and people other than the US?

 Herman Cain has a wrong view of history? Which party fought for segregation? Which party fought to keep blacks from voting? Which party created the Ku Klux Klan? Which party wrote the Jim Crow laws? Which party tried to filibuster civil rights legislation? Democrats.

Frederick Douglas was a Republican, as was Martin Luther King, Jr. I guess they had a wrong view of history as well and for your information, Mr. Belafonte fortune didn’t “hit” Cain. He worked hard for what he has achieved.

 Belafonte’s attitude toward Herman Cain is typical of the left-wing attitude toward people who are successful (at least people they don’t like). It’s never due to them being smart or working hard; it’s always due to “luck.” Of course, it does explain why they believe in extra-high taxes for the wealthy. After all, why should someone benefit just because they were lucky and other people weren’t?

The father of Alan Jay Lerner, the lyricist for “My Fair Lady” was once approached by someone after that show became a hit on Broadway who said, “Your son is certainly a lucky boy!” Mr. Lerner replied, “Yeah, that’s a funny thing about Alan, the harder he works, the luckier he gets!”

 Mr. Belafonte is a singer. Mr. Cain is a success story. Let Mr. Belafonte be a Lefty Moonbat and sing, and let Mr. Cain succeed. The nation is better off that way.

 Come, Mr. Tally-man,
Old Harry’s gone bananas.


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