Media Bias between Coverage of the Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Street Ya Think?

 While reporters at first didn’t always cover tea party rallies, Russo said, a California newspaper has recently been putting stories about the Occupy Wall Street on its front page.

“The Sacramento Bee actually had a front-page story before the rally, telling people where it was and what time it was,” Russo said.

Mark Meckler, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, struck a similar note, saying that when the tea party protests first began, “we were ignored, mocked, and then attacked by the media” and “called ‘Astroturf,’ ‘fringe,’ ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis.’”

“Yet today, the leftist media seemingly cheers for a group of lawbreaking miscreants who have openly committed a variety of illegal acts,” Meckler said.

This infantile display is the Echo Generation’s pitiful attempt to create something meaningful in their lives.  They listened to their aging parents drone on and on about the tail-end of the Civil Rights Movement, sit ins, campus marches, Woodstock, the Beetles, and all that crap.

Now, shit sucks, they’re saddled with lifetime debt, free love gets you horrible diseases, and so Generation Next is left wondering why their parents’ teen and college years sounded so much cooler, even though no one had smart phones or computers or anything.  

I’ve got another distinction. One is the grassroots–the Tea Party sprang up organically and locally, organized around principles and policies, and did the work necessary to get change going. As far as the media is concerned, though, they’d prefer to spread herbicide on these grassroots.

These punks aren’t grassroots. They’re the weedroots. They don’t belong there, they’re soaking up sun and value from the ones who do belong there, and they’re being protected by the bozos who think that if the weed lasts just a little longer that it might turn into a beautiful flower. And, like weeds, if you indulge them while young, they’ll take over and ruin everything. (That, and they’re smoking weed.)




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