Obama – The Inept Community Organizer on Steroids Needs to Hit the Golf Links on January 20, 2013 – If Not Sooner

Since Obama, the US of A has been getting worse and worse. What is it going to take before societal learning actually takes place —- before people start recognizing simple basic truths? You can’t spend your way to economic prosperity on a macroeconomic level anymore than an individual can do that. You can’t penalize, vilify, and burden the producers of a society, and reward sloth and irresponsibility and expect that this is going to result in a vibrant society of good and plenty and a booming economy; yet, for 50 years, these have consistently been dependable parts of the Socialist/Democrat Party platform.

America needs, now more than ever, hope and change. In Obama, it got nothing of the sort — just a renewed, blindly pig-headed commitment to old school, traditional Socialist Party orthodoxy, and a tunnel vision focus on segmenting the American people into various special interest groups and then carving off disparate measures to appease those in the Dems’ political base — instead of a focus on improving the fortunes of America and Americans as a whole. It has been saddening to watch, and it doesn’t work, and will never work. America, as a result, under the misleader ship of Obama, founders and struggles in its growing malaise, strangling in the strings of purse.

As the days progress and America’s deficit/jobless crisis shows no signs of abatement, our pitifully inept Community Organizer appears bewildered by his collapsing life-long dream of a convergence of America into a Socialistic Fatherland. Not surprisingly, Obama was quick to embrace the Wall Street protestors as a possible escape route from his self-imposed dilemma. However, the emerging image of garbage littered protest sites and unlawful interruption of normal societal activities simply re-enforces the pictorial of Barack as an ACORN Rabble Rouser disrupting commerce on the Streets of Chicago. Accentuating the disconnect of the Obama agenda from routine American pursuits, was the appearance of the Muslim Brotherhood activist from Egypt exhorting the crowds to intensify their civil disobedience so as to destruct the existing social order. How is it that the Obama Administration granted a Visa to this Muslim extremist to bring his message of civil disruption to our shores? Barack, as president, it is your duty to PROMOTE the General Welfare of our citizens – NOT- to incite civil disruption of our daily commerce. Should Obama, God forbid, succeed in acquiring a second term, the turmoil that will engulf our Country will be unprecedented. My friend, it’s long past time for you exit the scene so that our Nation can begin the ‘Healing Process’ from the tragically deleterious consequences precipitated by your divisive agenda.

We’re not finished yet as a nation. We have had worse times than this, and have gotten past them; but Americans have got to wake up, see the malefactors for who they are, and throw them out of power in 2012; the sooner, the better.



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