Obama at 1000 Days – WTF??!!!! Seriously, WTF Man!!!!!

We are 1000 days into the Obama Reign of Terror; America is a very pleasing courtship and a bitterly scorned bride. As a culture, we love our idols and our powerful media outlets will go to great lengths to provide such euphoria so that every TV screen, radio station, magazine, newspaper and web site is saturated with hype.
Thanks to Oprah, Michael Moore, The View, George Clooney, Brad Paisley, Jamie Foxx and assorted others; Obamamania hit America like a freight train. Journalist Chris Matthews’ quote about Obama sending this “feeling up his leg” is the epitome of the liberal left media’s contribution to Obamamania.
American Idol meets the White House. But once the honeymoon ends and there are no more newspaper sales, garnered TV ratings, sold magazines or web sites hits, that idol is dropped faster than a lemon slice out of a cut hand.
Obama’s wave has hit the shore. Wipe out.
Somewhere overseas, there are warehouses full of Obama commemorative coins, jeans, sneakers, buttons, posters, T-shirts, and Chia-Pets. He ran on hype and blame. He got elected on it. When his ineptitude as a leader showed itself through undeniable economic failure, he lost the hype and grasped at more blame. But no one can lead on hype and blame alone.
And from his first 1,000 days, it has become sadly apparent that hype and blame was all he ever had. No substance at all.
He is using the “jobs bill” to try to lay the foundation to hose the Conservatives who do, and will, continue to oppose him.  No longer is he promising 100,000 to 400,000 new jobs a month.  No longer is he trying to unite the country and bring us together. No longer is he claiming the most transparent administration in history. He is only claiming “jobs saved” as if they were Life Savers, the candy. His Life Saver contains political vinegar, not sugar.

The facts are that we have suffered millions of jobs lost while he has led the way to spending trillions of $$ on wasteful projects that created wealth only for the contributors to his campaigns.  Given his track record these few jobs will be short-term only for this turkey is going down to defeat in 385 short days.

Given his narcissistic view of himself and the disdain he has for policies other than his own, he will always blame someone else for the defeat he is to suffer–my opinion only at this point.  I do expect that on 11/7/2012 this will be a fact.  He may come to the conclusion that this is all the fault of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy hatched by George Bush.

President Obama has been a colossal failure as a president.  The things he managed to accomplish were nonsensical, foolish bills and idiotic decisions that have served to destroy and dismantle America.  He has succeeded in greatly harming our country but, God willing he will not succeed in the end.  As an enemy, infiltrator in the White House, President Obama will go down in history as America’s greatest danger and worst president of all time.  His name, “Obama” will forever be a dirty name associated with dishonesty, deceit, treason and disgrace.

Obama never had any real power… Congress did…. Reid and Pelosi knew that and acted on it… All three knew what it would take to pass Obamacare and they did it unscrupulously behind closed doors.  I do believe that was the start of the decline in his ratings… then came the lies, the deceit, the broken promises of his campaign… then the cover ups started, the demeaning of people, the cruel, rude remarks… and the list is endless… Solyndra, Lightguard, Fast and Furious, on and on… the wasting of billions of dollars, the “if you love me……”… this needs to pass NOW…. America is tired of his do it now attitude… I need this now… etc.

After a brilliant campaign that created similar expectations, the President was unable to deliver. This was because he simply didn’t know how to deliver and still doesn’t. He surrounded himself with advisors who are great on campaign trail promises, but have no experience or capability of managing or leading. The country is now without a leader. As a result the President has returned to his comfort level and gone back on the campaign trail — basically leaving the country to fend for itself. 

We can only hope that this painful lesson has been learned and will not be repeated. We need people in leadership positions with leadership experience. We have had more than enough of empty suit politicians. It is time to put someone with practical, real-world experience in this office and not another smooth talking politician.


2 thoughts on “Obama at 1000 Days – WTF??!!!! Seriously, WTF Man!!!!!

  1. You can’t think of a president who has damaged the US as much?

    Do the words George W. Bush mean nothing to you? No because he’s white.

    Aside from the blantant racism of the right John McCain would suffer the same faith as Obama.

    Let’s be honest and fair, whoever took over after Bush was doomed to suffer the same problems. All theses foreign wars haemorrhaged money the US couldn’t afford. Stiglitz estimated that iraq cost 3 trillion at least. Combine that with the costs of maintaining all the disabled soldiers for the rest of their life’s, the Afghanistan war, all the contracts awarded to defence contractors / money just stolen (6.6 Billion was stolen in one go!), and You can soon see that the issues in the US are bigger than the president or any party.

    Combine that legacy with the Banker’s Crisis and you shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome

    The US issues are tied up due to their economic decline (due to excessive spending, the presence of extremism (political and religious), combined with their system of lobbying by companies that ensures spending almost always only goes up. The tidal wave that has been built up over the years was never going to be reversed by one man.

  2. Here are some numbers for you to choke on:

    In 2008 the Federal Deficit was $161 Billion.
    In 2011 the Federal Deficit is $1.3 TRILLION

    An 800% increase

    In 2011 the Federal Government is spending $9.8 Billion a day, or about $410 Million per Hour.

    Obama has been spending and spending since the day he came into the White House and he doesn’t want to stop because in Obama’s Socialist head, Big Bro Government is going to solve all of the nation’s economic woes.

    Maybe we needed the Bank Bailouts and I emphasize maybe.

    Given that the Bank Bailouts were necessary why couldn’t Obama shut off the fiscal spigot after the bailouts and bring the Budget and the spending down to 2007 levels.

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