Occupy Protesters Rob, Rape, Pillage and Get Accolades from the Lamestream Media while the Tea Party is Bigoted and Un-American

I was looking at Big Government.com this morning and in their headlines section today were the following:

11. ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped

 12. Occupy Portland Protester Dances On Soldiers’ Monument

 13. Occupy Seattle Protester Arrested for Flashing Kids

 14. NY Post: Thieves preying on fellow protesters

So, we have Occupy Protesters raping, destroying property, flashing and stealing from each other.  And all this happened yesterday.

This is what happens when you don’t have any leaders.

You don’t have any direction.  

You don’t have any purpose AND…

You don’t have any motivation.

There is no excuse for the rape(s) whatsoever or weenie-wagging but in the OWS “movement,” there can be no such thing as “theft” since there’s no respect for or “right” to private property. Clearly, someone needed a laptop, so he or she was entitled to just take it; and breakfast money? What the heck, if someone has money to buy breakfast, he or she is obviously rich and deserves to have it taken away. Maybe the drug buyer for the group needed it more than the breakfast club!

That’s in their own playbook, right? (Sarc/off).

 The Occupy Protesters are not marching for jobs. They’re protesting because they have to work. They’re protesting ’cause they don’t want to work. And you want to hear something hilarious? Thieves have now set upon these people. Thieves are stealing their cell phones and other electronic gadgets. And they’re ticked off about it. They can’t believe people would focus on them and steal their stuff. They don’t see that that’s exactly what they are all about. They want to steal everybody else’s stuff for them in the name of equality, and here come a bunch of thieves showing up, stealing their iPhones and stuff, and they’re ticked off.

 Do the Lefty Progressives/Socialist/Occupy Protesters see the irony here? The underlying point is that there are millions of Tea Party people, thousands of gatherings for over two years, and you leftists have barely a handful (if that) of evidence that Tea Party people are subhuman as the secular Left (most all media) insists, constantly, day after day and for years now.

So what scant evidence you do have, in science or logic is called a ‘statistical anomaly’, which means it *proves the opposite!” Yet you leftists just keep on maligning everyone and anyone in hopes of finding one racist creep out of millions so you can say he represents the whole tea party.

Well, turnabout is fair play, and … your people go after children, defecate on police cars, spit on women, and destroy brand new grass and plant life in a park that costs near $500k, steal from each other and don’t have hardly any black people in your crowd (racists!).

At least our side didn’t have the Communist AND the N*zi parties endorse us! Now that really is pathetic…

Oh, I have a great idea; let’s elect more leftists into office who can tell banks they don’t have to worry about giving risky loans! Whaddya think secular left geniuses? Sound good!?!

 These Occupy Whatever sit-in/stink-in events have a disproportionate amount of malcontents, mental cases and freaks. Honestly, who else but the ultra-naive, ultra sicko and ultra dependent turds along with communists would participate in such a pathetic gathering? The brightest thing I saw any of them do was crap on a police car.

How many Tea Party people have been arrested in the past say 12 months? Zero? How many Occupy Protesters in 1 month? 1000 or more. Oh yea, they’re indistinguishable.

How many Tea Party people have blocked roads and bridges and taken up residence in parks? Zero. Yup, can’t tell one from the other.

Which group wants the government to GIVE them other people’s money? Hmm, let me see. NOT THE TEA PARTY.

I’ll put the Tea Party up against this menagerie of mutant morons’ person for person any day. The Tea Party folks are the normal and producing element of society. These freaks are like a mega-sewer backing up, an everlasting stink.


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