Hollywood Uber-Moonbat Steven Weber wants “Nuremberg-Scale Trial” for all Conservatives

From the Huffington Post via Blogger Steven Weber:

The scale of Right Wing sociopolitical sabotage necessitates a Nuremberg-scale trial for all the corporate agents and treasonous capitalisto-fascist architects of our democracy’s current and most pressing misery. From the blatant Republican doublespeak emanating from think-tank sponsored word doctors to the outright obstruction and lies expectorated by Republican congressional representatives and senators, the very concept of governance can only be considered once the culprits are removed. Driven to real madness by unadulterated greed they have embraced an ideology, the success of which hinges upon the very ruin of this nation.

My first question here is why is it when the Tea Party, Conservatives, etc suggest that a trial, hearing or even a congressional committee be formed because of let’s say giving guns to Mexican criminals or floating $535 Million to Magic Bean Solar Panel Companies that had no business getting a dime of taxpayer money that we are bigots, narrow minded or that we eat Golden Retriever pups every night for dinner?

Also, why is it liberals demand others be more tolerant while they are some of the most intolerant people you will ever meet as Steven Weber espouses in his rant.

Mr. Weber’s psychotic rant offers further proof that acting is not a good field to find commentators capable of sustaining rational discourse. Get a script, Steven, and go back to entertaining for a living. You’re not going to make it in an adult environment if you have to have someone hovering nearby with a compazine suppository for those indelicate times you roll off the deep end.

Weber echoes the Mantra of the left namely somebody pick one: Wall St. bankers; conservatives; Republicans; Bush-43 needs to pay jail at a minimum; execution called by some for the current economic situation, but they can’t articulate under what laws outside of mob violence, these alleged perpetrators would be tried.

The real villain in this is the collaboration of Big Government with Big Finance. Most of it was unethical, and laws ought to exist to prevent it. But the fact remains that one cannot put someone (or something on trial) without specifying the laws that were broken.

What Weber and his ilk are really advocating is the amorphous “social justice,” which relies on no written laws, but rather comes down to whose ox gets gored.

Alrighty then, lets have that trial, complete with perjury punishments on the table.

The progressives would lose their shorts, their lunches and their collective and projection filled threat making ability once and for all.

That an individual right exists requires that some policy positions be removed from the table of debate.

Unfortunately this is just the beginning. Now that the Obama re-election propaganda machine is getting churned up, look for more and more of this iditoic drivel aimed at conservatives.

These people truly are certifiable.


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