Rant about Comparisons between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party.

Occupy Wall Street has often been compared to the Tea Party; I think it’s usually meant as an insult. By comparing the grass roots protest of the Tea Party to the amalgam of radicals at Occupy, they can diminish the Tea Party’s success and make all protests distasteful to the general public.

There is little similarity. While the Tea Parties were neat and orderly, the Occupy protests are noisy, juvenile, and stinky. The Tea Parties were friendly while the Occupy movement is violent, angry, and crime ridden; they have the same problem with lawlessness that plagues most Democrat-controlled cities.

This explains why there is such a vast difference between the two. The Occupy movement is not only mostly Democrat; it is also democratic. Likewise, the Tea Parties are both a republic and Republican.

The best thing to come out of this is the exposure of the press and the political class for what they are. The demonization of the Tea Parties, followed so closely by the beatification of the OWS, lets us see what their real concerns are — the maintenance of their personal power and the extension of state power into every aspect of our lives.

They hated those who stood up and peacefully said “Don’t Tread On Me”; they loved those who threw tantrums and screamed “RUN MY LIFE, FOR I AM INCAPABLE!!!”

 No one paid people to come out to Tea Party events. This movement was started by paying people to go. OWS is the perfect example of Astroturf. The Tea Party is traditional, hardworking; people of character who are sick of liberals who have no character what so ever. The Tea Party IS the silent MAJORITY. OWS is another perfect example of a liberal mob. Pathetic, angry, punks who are lazy, pencil necked sissies who were probably picked on in school because they were so antisocial and frankly creepy. Proof positive liberalism is a mental disorder; they losers would never be able to survive without modern convenience. They would be Darwin Award winners.

The OWS would be funny if they weren’t above 18 and able to vote. However, they are and they can…and they will.

They will vote en-mass like the petulant ignoramuses that they are. The Democrat party sold its soul long ago and hitched a ride on the train heading to Destination: “Destroy America”

Willing participants just like lemmings that will for no apparent logical reason, plunge to their deaths over a cliff into icy ocean water below…. one after another over and again till all are dead.

We have many options: Make some popcorn sit back and wait till they figure out they themselves have created their own problems by trusting the very people that will willingly give them directions to the cliff. Or, Keep exposing the fraud waste and government regulatory powers they have emboldened, which will not only make their pitiful existences even more dismal but essentially turn them into the modern day equivalent to a slave in a debtor nation.

 Time for the Lamest most ridiculous argument segment of this post. 

The difference between Tea Party and OWS is that the Mainstream media works with the Tea Party and not OWS.

You’ll never see an OWS co hosted presidential debate.

That’s because no one wants to watch an OWS loiterer crap on a podium.

 Sure there are plenty of OWS co-hosted debates; I see them all the time when my kid turns on Sesame Street.

 The Lame Stream Media passionately hates the Tea Party and the only time you do see any article written by the Lame Stream is to mock, spew rhetoric and lies about the Tea Party. Second, the Lame Stream Media has been covering the OWS Protests all over and are in SUPPORT of OWS, supports Liberals and Supports any group who stand against the Tea Party and in support of our Politicians who support Socialism, Communism and Marxism.

 OWS is an abject failure.  After literally YEARS of deriding the Tea Party, calling them fringe, racist, extreme, even going so far as saying it would fizzle out.

 When you think about it we give these people too much credit.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about having a good time.

You get to hang out. You get to spew stupid things you heard in Poli-Sci. You get some weed. And if you’re lucky, you get to score with some lefty chick.

Pretty much you get to act like a fool.

And for a really good time, you get to riot.

Rioting is fun. You get to yell. You get to throw things. You get to break things. You get to burn things. Maybe the police will throw some tear gas, but that’s not serious. You might even get arrested, but you’re never charged.

I mean it’s not like China, Syria or Iran. The police aren’t going to shoot you or even really beat you.

So unless there’s some cost to the protestors, they’re not going away.

Why?  Because nothing bad is going to happen to them.



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