Jenna Lyons, J Crew Exec Who Painted Son’s Toenails Pink in Ad Getting Divorce from Husband to move in with a Woman


The president and creative director of J. Crew, who in April appeared in a controversial ad for the clothing company featuring her young son with his toenails painted hot-pink, is reportedly leaving her artist husband for another woman.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that Jenna Lyons, who earns around $5 million a year, has been involved in a divorce battle over her money and custody of their son, Beckett, who appeared in the J. Crew ad.

The ad was on Lyon’s favorite products list and said, “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

The worst aspect of this story is the element of deception. Had this mother openly acknowledged at the start when she put the picture in the catalog that she was making a statement in support of the breakdown of gender roles and that she herself was gay, then we’d know what her agenda was and could take it as such. But the gay movement has never been honest in identifying its goals. When they fought to have sodomy laws struck down in Texas they said they only wanted to not be treated like criminals. They never mentioned the acceptance of gay marriage was their goal. Even now they don’t admit that they are looking to impress children who are sexually uncertain – and there are many heterosexuals who go thru a phase of experimentation – so as to influence their sexual choice. Everything they do politically has a hidden purpose. Ultimately they want to remove any semblance of Judeo-Christian ethics from this country.

Our society is under attack from effeminate men in pop culture (Justin Beiber, Zach Effron, Insert actor from any recent Vampire movie here) and it has permeated into our families, with an overall lack of strong father figures. Many kids grow up with skewed world visions, who cannot comprehend the importance delaying gratification and hard work. We men of this country need to take our natural place as leaders of our society and families and denounce the perverted cultural stereotypes that have infiltrated our nation.

The media & Corporate America have been erecting a horrible image of the American male. Don’t believe me? Just watch a few TV commercials: the male is always stupid, lazy, non caring; portrayed in an image that without a woman he couldn’t even tie his shoes.  Not just beer commercials, but commercials for Sears, Best Buy, sitcoms etc. It seems the man is always the stooge. One commercial that immediately comes to mind is that insurance commercial where the men are walking around carrying falcons, etc. & other ignorant purchases with the extra cash they “saved”. Meanwhile, the women in this commercial are all knowing, right on top of things. Couldn’t you imagine if women were portrayed in this light? It is now to the point where everyone is so afraid to offend a woman these days that the men are being portrayed as an ignorant cave man image. Then we wonder why our boys are growing up the way they are

It is the progressive/liberal agenda. All of the liberal men are not really men, they’re milquetoast pansies who let their wives make all the family decisions, and happily obey because it is much easier than thinking for themselves. Instead of strong father figures in the family unit, boys today are raised with a strong mother figure to emulate, or submit to.

And I can scratch J. Crew off my shopping list.  Why aren’t the Fleabaggers outside this woman’s home insisting that she share some of that $5 million annual salary with them?   We have decided to turn young boys into women and young girls into “bad a** men – all brought to us by our Radical Feminists and Weenie Men.

This is just another way to remove a boys masculinity and make them into ‘GIRLY-MEN’ and further erode our country, if there is no one to protect us we become ‘SLAVES’ to the government, and that’s the goal of those out to destroy our way of life and our great country. Any parent doing this is guilty of child abuse.


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