RNC Finally Gets Some Brass Balls and Rolls out Devastating Obama – It’s Been Three Years Ad

This is a great ad from the RNC. This is exactly the type of ad that Republican candidates should be hitting Obama and other Democrats with at every step. Obama said he’d be a one-term President if, after three years, he hadn’t figured this out. Things aren’t just “not better” than they were three years ago — they’re devastatingly worse.

This is it folks. The battle of all battles; the GOP needs to lay it all out there about the evils of Barack Obama, not just the economy. Show his commie ties as well as his Muslim ties. If we lose & he gets back in there will be hell to pay. And Satan will definitely be smiling!

To say we are not better off than we were 3 years ago is an understatement in Obama’s words or anyone’s words. Our Great Republic is in great peril! Advertise the rights that have been chiseled away to transform our great nation. How close are we to a nation we don’t recognize- up close and personal? And where are the solutions to our dilemma. I’m tired of looking at Obama and hearing his voice- I know his objective for US.



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