Occupy Baltimore Moonbats Think Rape is Cool

The Blaze 

Baltimore joins the list of cities with Occupations that have resulted in rape charges.

In an interview with Fox Baltimore, a distraught woman who had previously joined the Occupiers claimed she was raped and robbed Friday night at the Occupy Baltimore’s waterfront campsite.

She made it clear that none of the Occupiers came to her aid or tried to help her identify her attacker afterwards. The unidentified woman also told reporters that she couldn’t go home because her attacker had taken her bills and knew where she lived.

With her voice cracking from apparent shock and rage, the woman said of Occupy Wall Street that “If this is supposed to be a good organization, it isn’t. It’s a crock.”

Occupy Baltimore recently revised its sexual assault reporting guidelines after distributing pamphlets that discouraged victims from coming forward to the police. The pamphlets instructed victims of assault to report incidents to the “Security Team” which would “supply the abuser with counseling resources.”

But at least some Occupiers at the Baltimore waterfront appeared undeterred by the assaults from whatever cause they believe they are supporting. “We have an agenda,” one woman told Fox News, “we want something done. We want jobs in our neighborhood.”

Violent rapes and rampant drug use, it seems, are irrelevant to the Occupiers when nebulous leftist activism is at stake.

Nothing going on here. Just keep moving along. Ignore the screaming woman in the tent. She is just being counseled.

Hey, chicka, we’d like to help you and all, but that dude is like our drug dealer, man…”

This woman is another victim of the progressive agenda. These kids need to remember that the end justifies the means to these people. Complaint about being raped at an OWS event will garner as much sympathy as the kid who had his $5k Mac Book stolen.

These people lie to themselves with all the “99%” talk. They are the epitome of greed from wanting loans forgiven, to theft from fellow protestors, to “taking” sex. Knowing this is going on around them and remaining in danger shows the hive mindset of these people. For now, they are their own worst enemy.

I can just see it now – a hundred “occupiers” wiggling their fingers and chanting in their zombie-drone-speak: “I want you all to know” (I want you all to know) “that a girl was raped in a tent next to me last night” (that a girl was raped in a tent next to me last night) “and I hope” (and I hope) “that our mediation committee” (that our mediation committee) “will intervene” (will intervene) “because after we pooped on the cop cars” (because after we pooped on the cop cars) “the police want nothing to do with us” (the police want nothing to do with us). “Also” (also) “I was too chicken to step in and help her” (I was too chicken to step in and help her) “because I was raised by Liberal idiots” (because I was raised by Liberal idiots) “who never disciplined me” (who never disciplined me) “or taught me how to be a real man” (or taught me how to be a real man).

If these demonstrations are supposed to change my mind, they have: I am now certain there are no legitimate ideas on the left and it’s pointless to listen to them or any outlet that reports their ideas. If they are meant to frighten me, they have: I’m going to buy more ammunition, a couple more large caliber guns, and get down to the range to hone my aim. If they are supposed to influence the coming elections, they have: I will never consider voting for any democrat or liberal in any election ever again. So, is this what the demonstrations hoped to accomplish?


One thought on “Occupy Baltimore Moonbats Think Rape is Cool

  1. Great post !! Working in one of cities suffering through the “Occupy Movement” (I work only one block from Occupy Philly) I actually fear walking by there, afraid that I may be attacked simply for trying to get in our around are City Hall (so much for a peaceful protest) – It’s impossible to support a bunch of drug smoking & snorting rapists no matter what their cause. Douse their tents with gasoline, strike a match and be done with it _ I for one am getting really tired of looking at it and reading about the crime and rapes.

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