My Take on Herman Cain

Blogger’s Note:  Herman Cain has my vote for President. I have a Herman Cain Bumper Sticker, I have a Herman Cain T-Shirt and I have given $250 to his campaign so far and if I can find some more spare change in the couch cushions, I will gladly give more. 

 Stacy Washington @ Big Journalism hits it on the head with this article…

The DeBlackification of Herman Cain

By Stacy Washington @ Big Journalism

It is absolutely amazing to watch as the media continues to attempt the character assassination of Herman Cain, who is by all accounts a decent and honorable Christian family man. The most recent allegation leveled against him involves unsubstantiated claims of sexual harassment and invisible accusers. The game plan as of the third day is obvious. Level an attack with very few details and allow the candidate to tell the story and defend himself while you tear him down.

Cain is playing it straight and has shared details on an incident where he apparently compared the height of a female employee to that of his wife. In today’s world of undercarriage tweets, this does not rise to the level of sexual harassment. More to the point, if this is all that Cain’s detractors have against him, he may just be the cleanest candidate the left wing has ever seen!

Worlds apart–that is where we are right now. In the media’s view, we should respect John Edwards, who fathered a child with his political consultant while married to a woman fighting a losing battle with cancer. In the view of the left wing, a man with over 30 years of business experience should have to defend himself against spurious charges from unknown accusers while the President they never vetted takes notes.

While the libs inhabit “Race Card World,” Americans are asking: where was Politico during the Obama campaign? Where are Obama’s transcripts from kindergarten on up through law school? Where are his college girlfriends? For that matter, media outlets, could you please produce any person that knew Obama from any time in his past? The double standard is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated.

 Herman Cain is a nightmare to the Dems if he is the nominee. He will wipe the floor with Obama and he will get a large share of the Black vote. A successful Cain presidency would bring many more black voters into the Republican fold.

The problem is that the Republican establishment doesn’t want Cain either. He is going to get hammered from both sides. This is the people’s election. If Cain can win the nomination, he will be our next president.

 The reason Democrats will be challenged in all elections come November will be due to the overt racism that many will now see and the fact that so much of the party’s platform is not mainstream any more. What many earners could once see as programs to help society have now been exposed for what they are – redistribution without regard to effectiveness. Failed education is just one symptom. Their solution is simply MORE money. Creating envy of wealth is all that remains as a means to stir enough emotion.

 The Democrat Party continues their tradition of owning plantations. They are the party of free room and board as long as one does not leave the plantation. With willing overseers like Jesse Jackson, Cornell West, etc. they ensure that people stay on the plantation.

When are Americans going to see what happens to a person when they leave the Democrat Party as no different than what happened years ago when a person left the plantation? When are Americans going to see that Marxism, in all its various forms (Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, etc.), has never worked throughout all of history?

Herman Cain has lived the American Dream… Liberals have to Hate him because he has succeed through hard work and perseverance from the personal character instilled in him by his parents and the strength of his own family…

Liberals don’t and will never roll that way…



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