Occupy Oakland Gets a Little of Out of Hand…

From the Wall Street Journal:

OAKLAND, Calif. — A protest that shut down the Port of Oakland to show the broadening reach of the Occupy Wall Street movement ended in violence when police in riot gear arrested dozens of protesters overnight who broke into a vacant building, shattered downtown windows, sprayed graffiti and set blazes along the way.

At least four protesters were hospitalized Thursday with various injuries, including one needing stitches after fighting with an officer, police said. Several officers were also injured but didn’t need hospitalization.

“We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos,” protester Monique Agnew, 40, said early Thursday.

Protesters also threw concrete chunks, metal pipes, lit roman candles and Molotov cocktails, police said.

The far-flung movement of protesters challenging the world’s economic systems and distribution of wealth has gained momentum in recent weeks, capturing the world’s attention by shutting down one of the nation’s busiest shipping ports toward the end of a daylong “general strike” that prompted solidarity rallies across the U.S.

Several thousands of people converged on the Port of Oakland, the nation’s fifth-busiest harbor, in a nearly five-hour protest Wednesday, swarming the area and blocking exits and streets with illegally parked vehicles and hastily erected, chain-link fences afterward

What is thoroughly amazing is that the media goes out of their way to say the words “peaceful protest” and “mostly peaceful” over and over. It is both funny and sad. The scumbag 99%ers are vile, filthy, violent, criminals. If anything only some of them are actually “peaceful” while the majority of them are typical liberal scumbags. They have trashed, defecated, urinated, had sex, robbed, sexually assaulted, threatened and promoted violence, vandalized, consumed various drugs, in public. Yet ALL of the lamestream media repeats that they are “mostly peaceful” and that “a few ‘bad apples’ does not represent this ‘mostly peaceful’ movement.” I just don’t get how anyone with a brain can swallow this line of horse crap.

 I’ve never read an article from the MSM about the Tea Party which described it as ‘mostly peaceful’, ‘largely peaceful’, or ‘citizens just blowing off some steam’. It’s much too sinister and ominous for them. To the contrary, the press has been bold and self-assured enough to speculate out loud for the past 3 years on what motivates them: The Tea Party, while presenting an appearance of civility and core-oriented convictions about the limits of government, is actually a thinly-veiled disguise of seething, irrational hatred. But in the Lamestream Media world of Lefty Propaganda the Tea Party is nothing but a dangerous, emotionally unstable group of angry Americans out to destroy this country; sure, they clean up after themselves, but they’re not fooling anybody.

In this OWS case, the press defines what motivates and inspires the OWS lunatics as something too profoundly noble and pure in spirit for most people to grasp. The incoherence, the violence, the disrespect for law enforcement, the drug use, the property damage, the assaults, ect, aside, they see something too ‘real’, too organic and spontaneous to be boxed-in to simple political terms. We’re the fools for not recognizing that.

 Well you play with a turd you get some on your hands; it looks like they will be playing with turds for some time to come. When they can no longer cover for Obama’s violent Marxist riots, the American public will reject the MSM, and Obama.

By the way, a special shout out to Oakland Mayor Yoko Ono Jean Quan for doing a phenomenal job of throwing the entire Oakland Police Department under the bus.

 Finally:  Remember when Botox Nancy Pelosi was on the verge of tears, talking about her concern about violence at People Sitting in Lawn Chairs Waving American Flags at TEA Party events.

You know the ones that paid for permits, provided for Security, Sanitation and Posted Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policies, then left the place cleaner than they found it and went home.

Now San Fran Nan is like a ghost…can’t be seen anywhere.

I don’t understand.



One thought on “Occupy Oakland Gets a Little of Out of Hand…

  1. Plenty of lies to go around amigo. Including those asserting, “The majority are [fill in the blank]”. If it’s lies you’re searching for you don’t have far to look.

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