What If Obama isn’t Elected in 2012?? Then the Headline in this Blog will be “PRAISE GOD THE OBAMA REIGN OF TERROR IS OVER!!” for Starters

The Obama Campaign Team Ministry of Propaganda has a new, yet familiarly vague, advertisement out, positing that if we all ‘stop fighting for change,’ “all of our progress could be erased” one year from now. …If only it was that easy! Whether or not the country elects the GOP candidate in 2012, we’re going to reeling from the Obama administration’s “progress” for years to come.

 This country can’t take the pummeling of another four years of President Downgrade and his cronies. NOW is the time to work in your voting districts to ensure a fair election. Get republicans – more importantly conservatives – into elected offices. From Dog Catcher to the White House we have to fill every slot with people who will lead us out of this malaise. RINOs need not apply…

 The Failed President is both a liar, loser, and is destroying America.  He is a very dangerous man and ignores the law in general, the will of the American people, Congress, and the Constitution.

There are no longer massive adoring crowds to deceive. For the first time in Barack Obama’s life, he is accountable. He has repeatedly shown that he cannot deal with, and will never be able to shoulder responsibility, as he is at his core a self-absorbed man, and a very dishonest human being.

Obama has never stood for individualism, capitalism, or liberty. The citizens of our country naively gave the reins of power to a tyrant.

Don’t kid yourself folks. There is a very real chance that Obama could be re-elected. If you look at the polls he still is neck and neck with any of the current Republican candidates and he will have the media on his side. Nearly half of all Americans do not keep up with what is actually going on. It will take a lot of work and door to door campaigning to vote Obama out and a Conservative in, no matter who wins the nomination. If you’ve never been involved in politics before now is the time to get involved. Our future depends on it. Obama must go!



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