Media Hound Progressive Shrill Lawyer Gloria Allred Digs up Woman from Chicago to Trash out Herman Cain

From Big Goverment

Sharon Bialek, a woman from Chicago who describes herself as a registered Republican, became the fourth woman to accuse GOP front-runner Herman Cain of sexual harassment, and the first to do so with specific allegations.

Though she wasn’t an employee of Mr. Cain’s at the time, according to a statement she read today during a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred, Ms. Bialek claims Mr. Cain groped her after they shared a 1997 dinner together and that he wanted sexual favors in exchange for his help in finding a job.

I have been playing the scenario as described by Ms. Bialek in my mind and I am finding it very hard to see how what she describes of the actions by Mr. Cain to be very possible or comfortable to do. Picture this, a man in the driver seat and a woman in the passenger seat. He reaches over, with which arm, to put his hand up her dress to grope her privates. He then reaches over, at the same time, with what arm, to pull her head into his crotch. What about the steering wheel? What about the console? Is what she describes even physically possible?  

 Five reasons why Herman Cain makes the libs dump bricks in their collective pants:

 Problem Solver v. Problem Creator;
Classical Capitalist v. Classical Marxist;
Self Made Man v. “Dreams From My Father”;
Speech Maker v. Speech Reader;
Constitution re-reader v. Constitution re-writer.

Things that make me suspicious about these new claims: One, her lawyer is media hound-ambulance chaser Gloria Allred. Two, the woman refuses to bring charges in court for someone trying to get sex for a deal, but plays the media court for all the money she can get, equally has the trial in the media, no jury, she makes a fortune giving appearances on different news shows disappears and the final benefit, she hopes to help Romney her candidate of choice… It all comes back to think for yourself…In this case the smoke/fire is the money this woman hopes to make bringing down Cain.

 Once I saw Gloria Allred this accuser lost all credibility. I predict Cain will lose a couple of points, but he will stay in the lead going into the primaries. We are down to 4: Cain, Romney, Gingrich and Perry. I don’t expect that to change until the first few primaries are over and with the Holidays coming up no one will be paying much attention to politics.

 Lawyers solicit women to make false sexual harassment claims for the simple reason that they make money. The Federal government encouraged liars, hookers, and other assorted garbage to set up anyone with a dollar! They only ask for hearsay, no proof at all.

Since lawyers are the biggest donation bloc for the Democrats, the Marxists made it easier for lawyers to cook up fraudulent shakedown schemes and steal.

Gloria Allred is a crook, and a Marxist thief. SHE COMMITS EXTORTION FOR A LIVING.

 Vapid liberal reporter: “Mr. Cain, what do you have to say about……”

How Cain should respond:

“Why aren’t you reporting on Obama’s reluctance to disclose documents related to the Solyndra scandal?”

“When was the last time you did an investigative piece on Democrats or Obama and his admin?”

“Are you simply a smear merchant for the Democrat Party?”

Some of the Republican candidates (Huntsman, Romney, Perry) seem to be enjoying the current smear campaign against Cain, mostly because they think they can benefit from it. They (and we) should all bear in mind that WHOMEVER the eventual Republican candidate is, this current smear campaign is just a small taste of what will happen when he goes up against Obama in the general election. If we allow the libtard press to dictate our choice of candidate to be manipulated by their smear machines then we simply ensure that the smears will grow worse and more numerous against any and all Republican candidates.

If I could give Cain advice it would be to take this opportunity to highlight what little scrutiny Obama received from liberal cheerleaders in the media. Whenever asked a question related to this he should ask why the media never bothered to question Obama over his ties to a domestic terrorist. Ask the media would they have given Bush a pass if he were friends with someone who bombed an abortion clinic? Do this every time. Point out their hypocrisy on their turf to their audience. Most recognize the liberal media as fringe propagandists which is reflected in the ratings. Try and bury the media under their own hypocrisy and double standards…


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