Progressive Democrat Tammy Duckworth Running for Congress wants to do away with “The Tea Party Radicals”.

So, I was surfing Big last night reading the post of how Newt Gingrich blasted the “Bond Babe” or whatever she calls herself on the CNBC Republican Presidential Candidates debate; when I came across an ad for Democrat Tammy Duckworth whom is running for Congress in the reformed 8th Congressional District in IL.

Here is what I found on her “About Me” page.

Serving her country, she was wounded in Iraq.

After recuperating, she served as Director of Veterans’ Affairs for Illinois, and then, as Assistant Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs in the Obama Administration.

Now, she’s ready to serve Illinois in Congress.

She’s got a detailed plan to create jobs and restore fairness to our economy. And she’ll stand up to the Tea Party in Washington, D.C.

Now before I go into my rant about Ms Duckworth I would like to thank her for serving our country in Iraq. 

A little background here…  Tammy Duckworth ran in the 6th District in 2006 against Republican Peter Roskam; she was blown out of the water in the election.  During the campaign Keith Blobermann whom at that time was still at MessNBC, on his 9/27/2006 broadcast made Peter Roskam one of the “Worst Persons in the World” for saying that Tammy Duckworth would run from Iraq if elected.  Blobermann in his little hissy rant said that Roskam was one of WPITW because Ms Duckworth “has no legs”.  HE DIDN’T MEAN IT LITERALLY KEITH!!!!

Anyway here is the You Tube video:

Okay back to the present…

Ms Duckworth is running for congress in the reformed 8th district.  First of all as of today I am not sure if I am in the 8th district because the #Occupy Illinois Democratic Geniuses who remapped the state last summer can’t put up a website where if you type in your home address, it can tell you what new congressional district you are in.  If anyone has such a website, I would appreciate the link.

This line really gets to me from her home page:

“And she’ll stand up to the Tea Party in Washington, D.C.”.

 My best guess is that Ms Duckworth is a big supporter of the Communist, Lazy Ass, Slacker, Pot Smoking, Drug Induced, Murdering, Molesting, Defacating, Drink Our Pee, Arsonist and Violent #Occupy Wall Street Bowel Movement that is infesting our country as of now. 

SO, I would like to give Tammy a little primer on the differences between the Tea Party and #Occupy Wall Street.


  • Break The System vs. Fix The System
  • We should be bailed out too! vs. Nobody should be bailed out!
  • Get money out of politics. vs. Get politics out of money.
  • We deserve other people’s money. vs. People deserve to keep what they earn.
  • We need to keep spending money we don’t have. vs. We need to stop spending money we don’t have.
  • The solution is to increase govt power. vs. The solution is to decrease govt power.
  • Tax those evil rich fat cats into oblivion. vs. We’re taxed enough already.
  • Replace the Constitution  vs. Restore the Constitution

And a few more:

3000 Arrests vs. No Arrests

2 Dead (counted so far) vs. 0 Dead

We thought of the Tea Party on our own.
Paid for it on our own,
Organized it on our own,
Set it up and take it down on our own.


They were told to organize.
Some were paid to organize,
Don’t do much of anything on their own, including bathe.

I realize Ms Duckworth is a Progressive Democrat who would follow blindly anything Obama put forward should the tragedy occur that he is elected to a second term.  But do you realize how much the “Progressive” policies of this administration have hurt the country and that four more years of Obama and the Communist, Lazy Ass people of the #Occupy Bowel Movement will kill this country?

My guess is no.  Needless to say, unless David Duke is your opponent in 2012 you will not have my vote, ever. 

And in that case I would definitely abstain.


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