State of IL and LGBT Lobby forces Catholic dioceses to drop lawsuit over foster care

Catholic Charities will no longer provide adoption and foster care services in Illinois after an ending a court battle over the state’s new civil unions law.

The dispute came about after the organization refused to allow unmarried couples to adopt or be foster care parents, but would refer them to other agencies.

The state had argued that the group’s policy would discriminate against gay or straight couples in civil unions.

The charity said Monday it has stopped its legal battle with the state of Illinois. Catholic Charities had held contracts with the state for almost 40 years.

In a joint statement, diocese officials in Joliet, Springfield, and Belleville said the decision was reached “with great reluctance.”

It became financially impossible for the remaining Roman Catholic agencies to continue and the courts had refused to grant a stay in the case, the officials said.

“Since we now need to close offices and terminate employees, further appeals would be moot,” the dioceses said in a statement.

The charity cited its right to religious liberty and freedom of conscience in the case.

Gay rights advocates have called the decision to withdraw litigation a step forward.

Let’s see.  Let’s take a troubled hurting kid and…place him with two mommies or two daddies.  He won’t be too screwed up. 

But hey in the name of appeasing the latest demand from the homosexual lobby, anything goes.  Let’s use the kids and their happiness as pawns in a game to make the adults in homosexual relations feel more mainstream.

And what of the free exercise clause in our Constitution that guarantees religious rights to all.  Well forget about that. The scum that run our illustrious state saw to that.

Good for the Catholics as they seem to be the last religion to make a stand for what is right.

To appease the politically powerful and wealthy homosexual lobby, Illinois politicians are deliberately placing hard-luck foster kids in unwholesome environments. Placing young boys with male “couples” who are avowed homosexuals dramatically raises the odds that these friendless, alone-in-the-world kids will be interfered with. Illinois politicians are laying the groundwork for a child abuse scandal that will make Penn State seem like small potatoes. Except that here it will be covered up by political and media establishments that are little more than spokespersons for the homosexual lobby. An appalling prospect.

This is a bow to the worst kind of political correctness, the kind that required a highly regarded child service agency to close its doors. A big thank you goes to the administration of Gov. Pat Quinn, a Catholic who has shown more loyalty to a special-interest group than to the state’s neediest children.



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