America’s Junior Miss, 1963 Diane Sawyer – Tool of the Lefty Lame Stream Media trashes Sarah Palin and the Tea Party during interview with Gabby Giffords

In her exclusive interview with Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ), ABCs Diane Sawyer began with a retrospective of the terrible crime committed against the Congresswoman by a mentally disturbed, a-political gunman. But true to her left-wing agenda, Sawyer could not resist illicitly linking tea party activists, anti-Obamacare sentiment, and even Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to what was perpetrated against Rep. Giffords on that terrible day.

Yes, even though these calumnies against conservatives and Sarah Palin have been thoroughly discredited.  Sawyer links them anyway to the shocking crime that took the lives of six people, injured others, and delivered a debilitating head wound to Representative Giffords.

It was only hours after the shooting occurred on January 8, 2011, that left-wing activists, purported journalists, and Democrat operatives alike began blaming the shooting of Rep. Giffords on “Tea Party hate” and the “violent rhetoric of the right.”

The false narrative was picked up by nearly every Old Media outlet and disgorged from their talking points sheets over and over again. It was days before everyone learned that the killer, one Jared Lee Loughner, had been stalking Giffords for many yeaea before the tea party, Obamacare or Sarah Palin became national news.

In fact, killer Loughner was not interested in politics at all. He was just a sick-minded, lunatic that had a crazy infatuation with Rep. Giffords.

Did she bother to mention the dead conservative judge?

 As usual a lame stream media outlet uses an excuse to bash those that don’t toe the liberal trash line. I’m sorry the lady was shot, and I’m happy for her now, but I knew since a liberal outfit was doing the special that they would use this venue in their usual liberal trash manner. I’m really sad at what the liberal media has done to this country. And it’s just beginning.

This is how it works for the left. They create a lie about the right and when the lie is discredited they drop it temporarily. After some time has passed, they dig up that lie and begin pushing it as fact, usually using themselves as references to prove the lie. For the left a fact is whatever they want it to be.

Remember, to the Left, nothing matters except as it can be used to further their Cause. The attempt to blame the Right in general and Sarah Palin in particular for the Loughner atrocity was as predictable as the sunrise. After all, it’s us conservatives who favor gun rights, and Governor Palin who famously proclaimed, “Don’t retreat, reload!”

The left considers us on the right to be inheritingly evil. Keeping that in mind helps to understand its tactical moves, perhaps better than any other principle.

 But of course a shooting 30 feet from the rope line in Oakland is completely unrelated to the Occupy movement.  The media protects their darlings and splatters mud on their enemies.

The propaganda media like the Obama administrations creeds:

Never miss an opportunity to proven you are a liberal.
Never miss an opportunity to proven your bias
Never miss an opportunity to show your lack of basic respect
Never miss an opportunity to show you lowest intelligence quotient
Never miss an opportunity to lie
Never miss an opportunity to show your lowest moral character

They are just being liberal and know that none of the other propaganda outlets will call them on it.

Sad, what was once a responsible party has lowered itself into the scum.

Diane Sawyer is a tool for the liberals…she spouts their garbage every chance she gets…..What a shame Giffords husband didn’t stop the interview when he realized MSM was using his wife as a tool also…..



2 thoughts on “America’s Junior Miss, 1963 Diane Sawyer – Tool of the Lefty Lame Stream Media trashes Sarah Palin and the Tea Party during interview with Gabby Giffords

  1. I am a resident of San Clemente. When president Nixon and his family lived there iane Sawyer was an assistant to president Nixon who was writing a book, Sawyer helped with that endeavor. I used to see her in her tight blue jeans, and walking shoes in various restaurants, sometimes chatting with off duty secret service personell….President Nixon is probably spinning in his grave over the lies and propaganda concerning the terrible shooting
    of representative Giffords, a horrible tradegy,however what is far worse is Diane Sawyer linking that tragedy to Sarah Palin….I believe Diane Sawyer has become a whore for the liberal media which takes every opportunity to discredit anyone who opposes their agenda. Is factual reporting dead in America, I believe so.And Diane Sawyer has lost any creditability she had as a reporter, never to be trusted again.

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