This Is Why Congressman Allen West TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

On Tuesday November 15th, at a press conference in support of the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline, Representative Allen West (R-FL) spoke with characteristic eloquence and delivered a pointed message about the failure of leadership in Washington. President Obama’s decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq by years end, he says, coupled with his decision to shut down the Canadian pipeline are gravely threatening the national security and vital interests of the United States.

What is particularly worthy of note, however, is that as a retired Army officer and combat veteran, Congressman West explained firsthand how hard earned American taxpayer dollars are invariably sent to OPEC to fund “despots, dictators, autocrats and theocrats.” These appropriated funds, he asserts, are in turn used to kill American men and women serving in the armed forces. Thus, by taking immediate action to ensure energy independence, in his view, the United States government can finally stop financing terrorist organizations that endanger our citizens.

But his most memorable lines are directed explicitly at the media:

Stop being afraid of this President, stand up to him and call him out on the shirking of his duties and responsibilities,” he said. “The House Republicans are passing pieces of legislation after pieces of legislation about jobs. Stop allowing this President to demagogue and use the big microphone that he has. Call him out on what we see happening right now.”

If this doesn’t get one fired up, I don’t know what will.

More politicians in this country should be doing what West is doing. Rather than challenge the media to honest and neutral reporting, they use the carrot and stick approach either currying favor with the media or threatening it with lost access. We blame the media for its sins but it is encouraged and manipulated also. West is half right and more politicians should be making his point but that’s not likely to happen when they need the media as much as the media need them.

 There is nothing that can be done about the LDM, Liberally Diseased Media, they are part of the Obama administration, and there is nothing that the general public can do about it, but do not watch these channels,

National Barack Channel

All Barack Channel

Channel for Barack Shows

Communist News Network

and of course MSLSD.

And VOTE a straight ticket, ALL R R R R R R

 Gees Oh Pete I wish Allen West and Paul Ryan were running for President in 2012.

Picture Either:

West/Ryan 2012


Ryan/West 2012

Either ticket would be fine with me.


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