Crook. Liar. Bottom Feeder. Dimmocrat Congressman Bwarney Frank to call it quits


Longtime Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., announced Monday he is not seeking re-election, saying that redistricting has made it too strenuous to continue to campaign.

The 16-term lawmaker, whose name is emblazoned on the banking reform law that passed Congress, last year, had long been rumored to be ready for retirement. He said Monday that he actually decided “tentatively” to retire after passage of the law, serving out one more term, but when Republicans won the 2010 midterm he decided he didn’t want to be a lame duck so didn’t announce his plans until now.

While Barney’s rotting remains really ought to be swinging from a lamp post along the National Mall due to his concupiscence in the financial fiascoes the nation has suffered, it appears that the arrogance of liberal Democrats knows no bounds or restraints when we find that Maxine Waters is scheduled to take his place according to Democrat rules of inheritance.
Democrats need to purge defective protoplasm.

 Frank was a crook… a liar… and he’s getting out now before the Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac house of cards falls all over him…

I HOPE, once he’s a “civilian” again and no longer protected by Congress, that his crimes against America will be brought forward and prosecuted. 

 Barney may retire but he should be prosecuted, as soon as, he cleans out his desk. He literally sucked (not a pun) hundreds of billions of net worth from home owners by forcing the Real Estate bubble and then lying to protect himself and his mess. Try him, incarcerate him, and take away his retirement and all the assets he accumulated while in office.  It is waaaayyyy past time to enforce proper accountability and responsibility from our elected officials.

 There needs to be an investigation of Dodd and Frank. There needs to be a microscope put to all of those democrats who ran Fannie and Freddie—-and consequently raked in tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash in meteoric bonuses.

 To all of you Commonwealth of Massachusetts constituents who voted for Barney Frank year after year; shame on you for allowing this corrupt queen to run roughshod; running a prostitution ring out of his home (with underage boys among those being traded) and not making him personally accountable? Shameful.

And then finally in a raspberry to the American People, this bottom feeder (no offense intended for bottom feeders either) will FINALLY quit and you and I will support him financially for the rest of his life????!  He belongs in jail somewhere.

Housing market destroyed.

Unemployment 9%.

$15 trillion nation debt.

Massive recession.

“My work here is done” – Barney Frank


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