Miley Cyrus: Stoner and Ultra Left Hollywood Moonbat


From Fox News

Smoking the Whoopy Weed and Smelling the Bongwater

It’s apparently a high-flying party in the USA whenever Miley Cyrus  is around!

Cyrus stunned well-wishers at her 19th-birthday party, happily telling them she’s a pot-loving “stoner.”

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,” said the “Hannah Montana” star during her the bash last week at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel.

“You know you smoke way too much f–king weed!” she exclaims on footage from the birthday bash obtained and first aired yesterday by the Ipad  newspaper The Daily.

Another smoke pot and do what makes you feel good hollywierd lib. We shall see how happy she is in 5 years. Maybe she should ask Lindsay Lohan how this will turn out. Or even better….she should be forced to watch Sean the dope head Penn telling us how wonderful Castro is. But of course pot doesn’t affect the brain.


From Big Journalism

Former Disney pop sensation Miley Cyrus (performing under the moniker “Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia”) has done what Grammy nominee Joseph Arthur and the stars of Rage Against the Machine couldn’t do–voice the passion of the 99% with such perfect glitzy angst, the rest of the world will have no choice but to finally pay attention. Here it is, the inevitable protest song classic “Liberty Walk”:

What about the rapes? The numerous deaths? The vandalism, violence, disruption, and high cost to taxpayers? Miley’s video, and its implied worldview, are woefully immature and uninformed — but that’s unsurprising, and hardly worth noting.

Poor Miley, she has lost all her marbles. Girls from the Disney Channel shows seem to be falling from grace. Why Disney Why? Why must Disney keep corrupting our youth! They Start off as sweet young girls then grow up to be …well not so sweet. Selina Gomez seems to be falling in Miley’s footsteps. The corruption of Hollywood has hit Disney that’s for sure. Any good clean value that they started off with is sucked out of them and they are transformed into what Hollywood wants them to be.
Cyrus knows nothing, and cares less, about the Occupy Movement. She’s just attention-whoring to sell records.

It is simple children, get the pop culture to make it hip to oppose the system, thereby inoculating the system itself that has been co-opted by the infectious disease. LMAO, simply propaganda 101, developed by Creel (look it up, Public Info guy under the Fuehrer (ooops) President Wilson, and continued by Goebbels und Molotov). It is like3 card Monte, you can’t hook the people who know, but there are plenty of sucker’s to continue the Game

Cyrus is far too dumb to comprehend the true idiocy of the Occupy Movement, but I’ve no doubt she’s more than happy to attach her name and likeness to a media-driven populist movement that gives idiot teenagers that all-important feeling of rebellion. I particularly like how non-Occupy protest footage was tossed in to give the Occupy Movement the appearance of being larger and more popular than it actually is.


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