NYUK NYUK NYUK!!!! Joyless Behar’s HLN Show is Flushed into the Toilet

Admittedly I am day late and a dollar short on this bit of news….

From The Blaze:

After two years on HLN, Joy Behar’s talk show will be cancelled come the end of the year, the network announced Thursday.

“I am very proud of the show that we created at HLN and I owe tremendous thanks to the show team who made it possible,” Behar said in a statement.

The NY Daily News adds:

HLN general manager Scot Safon said, “Joy and her team produced over 500 episodes of a show that featured news-making interviews, great conversation and plenty of humor. We thank Joy for the many memorable moments she gave the HLN audience.”

The final episode of “The Joy Behar Show” will air in mid-December, with the 10 p.m. time slot being replaced by one of HLN’s current programs.

So far, reports do not indicate the reason given for canceling Behar’s show, though often poor ratings or lack of willing sponsors factor into the equation.

Whatever the reason, some in the media, like Fox News host Bill O‘Reilly think the decision to cancel Behar’s show was right. Using a clip of actress Ellen Barkin blasting Fox News and O‘Reilly on Behar’s program, “The Factor” host blasted:

Well, here’s the problem with Ms. Barkin’s statement: It’s a flat-out lie. I have never mentioned Ellen Barkin on this broadcast. Ever. And I would never call her names.

Now. We know Ms. Behar. We know what she does. And today HLN announced she will no longer be doing it on that network; her show is finished at the end of the year. But the Headline News operation — and CNN, which is the parent company, have an obligation not to allow blatant lies on their air, and to challenge statements that are provocative, like that one.


My first thought is seriously? WHO WTF CARES! This woman has about as much clout as the body lice plucked from one of the OWS protestors!

 Ms Behar’s show is the classic example of Liberalism. The show sucked and no one watched it. It was a money pit that had to be subsidized to keep it on life support. Sort of like Air America before it rolled over. I am surprised President Odumbo has not signed an executive order to force Fox to now air her show to make them more “balanced” in the Progressive Eye.

The fact that so many liberal shows like hers are run until they are bankrupt show the intent of the main stream media. They desire to push a liberal (commie, anti-American) viewpoint at almost any price….to the bitter end…..again and again. When one liberal jerk fails they put another one on the air until that one fails, and so on and so on. The View will spiral down the toilet just like the Joy Behar show….same turd, different commode.

Fact is freedom of speech gives both sides a forum to talk, which is a good thing. She however went overboard in her views. And she did too many personal attacks. Fact is, as much as liberals like to think they have the majority, the majority of the country is conservative. Not because they are religious. Not because they are republican. It is because they know when the liberals get in control and do their thing, it really screws the country over.

BUT….  JOY TO THE WORLD, Joy Behar’s GONE!!! Let common sense reign free! No more horrible interviews, now she’s only left on the view, where O’Reilly makes her squirm, her character’s less than a worms, Now let’s see how much longer ’till the View’s gone too!

Proverbs 19:9 says a false witness will not go unpunished; he who breathes out lies will perish. Bye, bye….thank you Lord.



One thought on “NYUK NYUK NYUK!!!! Joyless Behar’s HLN Show is Flushed into the Toilet

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