Throwing in the Towel on Herman Cain

Sorry Mr. Cain I really admire and genuinely like you.  But after this story of a 13 year affair with another woman it’s too much.  If this is a left wing conspiracy to trash you please get everyone on your staff on the case NOW and provide the evidence that it is as soon as possible.  Otherwise, I need to go find another candidate.

David Brody at CBN explains it best:

It’s one thing to have someone accuse you of sexual harassment. That’s damaging just by itself. It’s quite another to have three more come out of the woodwork. And now we have the story of a 13-year affair with another woman. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is too much. The writing is on the wall and it spells disaster for Herman Cain’s candidacy. This seems to be just too much to overcome. When you’re lawyer comes out with a statement that basically says the alleged affair is none of anybody’s business, I think most voters would beg to differ. It’s called a character issue and whether its reality or perception the train has left the station and it ain’t coming back.

Call me a sadist but I want Obama defeated, crushed and made into a cube in 2012 and with this new set of charges, Herman Cain will not be able to do this.

My candidate list for the GOP nomination is as follows:

1)      Newt Gingrich

2)      Rick Perry

3)      Michele Bachmann

4)      Rick Santorum

5)      Mitt Romney

6)      Herman Cain

7)      Ron Paul (If we must!!)

Sorry Mr. Cain, I really like you and you would make a Kick-Ass Presidente but....

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